Sunday, April 12, 2020

Catastrophe Farm escape, food, water, air, quiet Alternative PPE in the time of coronavirus

I am watching the news carefully, 
after learning to ignore the news under Obama, 
and ignoring the impeachment flop,  
Mueller flop,
constant Trump bashing….

Now I am riveted by the unfolding catastrophe (a fake pandemic?) 
that seems to impact mostly Negros, Homos, and Latinos of color.

I am ready to hit the panic button 
and go buy a remote self-sufficient farm
after realtors and escrow companies open up again.
Farm prices were low before 100 year decline, 
and will be even cheaper.
Hedge against hyper inflation.
At least I will have food, water, quiet, complete social avoidance if needed.
Get a big pickup for trips to town when it is safe.

I have noted the strange freaks in most urban areas for decades.
Getting stranger and stranger 
and sicker and sicker,
leading me to want to avoid the whole mess.
They do provide humor, though:

From: GM 

Dumb Ducks  come in a wide variety of colors, beaks, and feathers. 

It's the diversity of nature.

 You don't have to go to the zoo to appreciate them. 

They're at Walmart when you go shopping for toilet paper. 

Pardon the incorrect spelling of Duck.


On Saturday, April 11, 2020, 08:10:58 PM PDT, R wrote:

I saw a guy come out of a steamy locker room wearing a sweaty, dirty jockstrap as a facemask. 

I asked him who he got it from. 

He said some dick, who had the balls to hang around without any protection.

Rich L.............out......... 


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