Saturday, April 11, 2020

C19 has eradicated heart disease and flu : Greg's Synopsis

From: Ron


Am on board on the hoax aspect.

In blue jurisdictions C19 has eradicated heart disease and flu
per death certificates.

A giant psyop same m.o. as the Hillary "win",
impeachment, Russiagate etc.

Looking past C19 now.
250 days until election.

Whats next?

Alien or
EMP attack in blue jurisdictions?

Starting to feel like the Allies in very late 1944.

Another desperate Battle of the Bulge ahead?


On Fri, Apr 10, 2020, 1:51 PM GM wrote:


I digress,

There is no C19 illness

There is no test for a C19 virus

There are only exosomes that are being called C19 viruses

48 % of deaths called C19 deaths are caused by 3 or more pre-existing illnesses

24 % of deaths called C19 deaths are caused by 2 pre-existing illnesses

24 % of deaths called C19 deaths are caused by 1 pre-existing illness

Medical personnel are being directed and pressured to call such deaths C19 deaths

1 or 2 % of deaths called C19 deaths are due to natural causes ( old age )

Exosomes are particles excreted by body cells under stress

The stress is due to factors such as extreme air pollution and 5G at 60 Ghertz, and others

These stressors disable the body from transporting oxygen in the blood

These symptoms look like flu to most people

To sharp medical staff these symptoms look like high altitude sickness

I repeat:
there are many lies and BS spreaders

Please watch the Dr Kaufman video

That video explains it all

C19 illness and the nonexistent deaths ARE A MEDIA HOAX

( like the Gulf of Tonkin attacks that did not happen,
like the 19 Arabs that did not fly into the WTC,
like the Boston bombing where the injured people were crisis actors,
like the Sandy Hook shootings where the school had been closed for years and the kids were non-existent )

Wake up to the reality.

Like JFK said, our nation has been taken over by "infiltration rather than invasion".

The CIA is and its Operation Mockingbird ( control of main stream media ) is in full display.

That's why JFK wanted to break it up "into a thousand pieces"


On Friday, April 10, 2020, 06:35:27 AM PDT, Ron wrote:

Plan B= Lockdown everyone to destroy Trump's economy to get rid of Trump.

Letters were also written to all 50 governors by George Soros requesting they release as many inmates as possible.

Am still wagering by May 1 violence in blue jurisdictions will be a bigger threat to personal safety than contracting C19.


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