Saturday, April 18, 2020

Bezos is the planet’s richest man, and Covid-19 is making him ever wealthier. most selfish man

Amazon a monopoly

shouldn't be tolerated at the best of times. 

Amazon's growth comes as a result of an utterly unfair playing field, 
with main street stores being forcibly shut.

Amazon should pay a new additional "coronavirus tax" during 2020 

Amazon is notorious for tax dodging in the good times 

 appears hell-bent on making $ in these dark days.

From day one of the pandemic, 
Amazon should've assisted with the much-needed delivery of PPE,
 but Bezos is only getting around to talking seriously about it now.

 Bezos' ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to threaten to pull out of France 
for the duration of the pandemic 
after the courts there decided to fine Amazon 1 million a day 
if it continued to sell "non essential" items

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