Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Arrest Bill Gates Contraceptive Microchip to be Implanted into Women

Bill Gates and his pals own the cops and politicians in his state and most blue states where most voters live.
Fortress Seattle Washington Pacific North West.

Bill Gates set up the operating systems that control electronic disinformation media that runs everything nowadays.

Bill Gates is getting richer as the whole world goes electronic
while Trump is getting poorer as he goes bankrupt with shutdown economy.
Trump is deep in debt to NYC bankers.
Trump has no cash flow coming from Casinos, Hotels, Resorts, Golf courses, big city buildings,….
Trump cannot pay his debts!
Hence Trump's desire to re-open the economy,
as is the desire of the poor immigrants and poor citizens working in his companies and many similar companies.

Ghetto people screaming bloody murder as herd of sheeple riot demanding their jobs, income, livelihood back.
Marie Antoinette vs food rioters.

Bill Gates a rich kid from rich family went to elite schools and college,
American royalty like Marie Antoinette born with a silver spoon in his mouth.
Gates bought his operating system and got a contract with IBM with help from rich parents.
Gates ruined the operating system when he imitated Apple Mac, lame junkware.
Microshit junkware made profits because deep state and their companies forced to buy it back room deals.
Political anti-tech.

Bill Gates father supported eugenics,
get rid of the poor,
reduce the number of sheeple.
Stop the population bomb.
So sheeple could feed themselves
and not riot when times get bad.

Times are bad and getting worse.

If the economy does not re-open soon, then Gates goes down in a civil war.

Many sheeple figured out the wars and extermination systems set up by Gates and the rich 1%.

Many sheeple are armed and are young, strong, good immune systems.
The strong want to work or else.
Survival of the fittest.

Frail weak sick defenders of the rich 1% oligarchs
are stacked in condos, apartments, suburbs, around NYC and other big blue cities.
Totally dependent on long supply chains and delicate water pipes and electric wires and phone wires.
Left wing gay blue addicts movie watchers, liberals
will drown in their own feces,
… in the dark, starving, dehydrated, diseased,...
Without the economy life support system
provided by working class who have been ripped off for decades.

Cops may flip and let them die.
Nurses may flip and leave the death zones.

Army may join the cops and nurses.
Cut off the blue zones and let them die.

That is the militia = cops + army + all armed citizens.
The militia is ultimately the ruler when SHTF.

Gates better help Trump re-open the economy or he will be worse than arrested.
Gates Tedros co-conspirators are also in trouble.
Any conspirator trying to kill off the economy will be branded traitors and executed.

They will not go quietly.
There will be no secret arrests.
You will hear screaming at the top of their voices on every source of news that you can get access to.
This has not happened and will not happen.

So far Gates is winning the war for hearts and minds
and will win the new economy being set up.
The poor 99% sheeple are too disunited, distracted, disinformed, scattered, sick, weak,… to resist the rich fat cat 1% wolves.
That can change but probably the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer or just die off population reduction Eugenics.

From: GM


I am hoping and praying that scumbag Gates has been house arrested and that the public has no idea of it.

The MSM will definitely not report it.

The alt-media has no access and no funding to investigate it.

The insiders seem to be under serious gag orders as to what is going on in detail.

Trump is no dumb duck about the issue as his son has autism probably from Rockefeller medicine.

So there is my hypothesis_
Gates may be under house arrest
( after resigning as CEO from 2 major corps ).

What do you think ?


On Sunday, April 19, 2020, 08:09:00 AM PDT, Ron wrote:


Good article on the motives behind fraudulent science.


Bill Gates is highly inconsistent.

He is a huge supporter of Climate Change
and has done his TED Talks on lowering CO2 to Zero.

Of course, the Climate Change contingent is all about reducing the population
which is now about 7.5 billion
and Gates laments it will hit 9 billion.

So for someone who is so concerned about Global Warming,
he has three kids
but has funded a microchip to implant into women as a contraceptive.

That's right, a computer chip that can be controlled remotely to prevent getting pregnant.

The contraceptive chip is to be implanted under a woman's skin,
releasing a small dose of levonorgestrel,
a hormone.

This will happen every day for 16-years and can be controlled using a wireless remote device.

The project has been backed by none other than Bill Gates.

The question I have is hacking.

If it can be controlled remotely,
then it should be also possible for it to be hacked like any computer to ensure someone never gets pregnant.

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