Saturday, April 4, 2020

Americans stock up on guns and ammo amid coronavirus pandemic - German anti-gun manipulation propaganda on steroids -

From: Lothar

Americans stock up on guns and ammo amid coronavirus pandemic

In the United States, customers are thronging gun stores.

Though firearms do nothing to protect against the coronavirus,

gun owners want to be prepared for anything else that may threaten them

Note: Just alone the photoshop in this picture below……
"wet square" on pants of holster.....all designed to ridicule, laugh at our American gun culture !

Arrogant brainwashed Germans 'think' they know best, but always fail in history.

They never understand freedom,

because they NEVER EVER had freedom,

they always end up living as servants under some brand of socialism, dictation/

Deutsche Welle....obviously Photoshopped ....this is how Germans are manipulated

These days, the answering machine is getting a lot of work at Greta's Guns in Simi Valley, California:

"Due to high call volume, we cannot answer the phones at this time.
We'll be open during normal business hours until further notice,"

Conveniently, the gun shop is located just around the corner from a Walmart and a church.

In mid-March, Alex Villanueva, the sheriff of Los Angeles County, announced that all nonessential shops should be closed.

Simi Valley is in Ventura County, which neighbors LA County.

Villanueva's announcement upset gun owners and potential buyers.

On March 28, the sheriff revised his message:

According to a memorandum issued by the federal Department of Homeland Security,

the import, manufacture and sale of weapons are part of the US's essential infrastructure.

As in many other countries,
store shelves in the US have been largely empty since citizens became aware of the outbreak of COVID-19 in March:

Toilet paper and hygiene products are hard to come by,

and pasta and rice are sold out in many places, too.

But uncertainty and fear have not only driven Americans to hoard food and household items:

Weapons and ammunition are also in high demand.

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