Saturday, March 21, 2020

What is going on ???

The USA death rate will decrease in 2020 as people stay home and cook healthy food,
and quit crashing cars, shooting each other, spreading sexual diseases, and communicable diseases.
Those who die are dying anyway.
Many modern people are propped up by artificial means and are not well or happy.

The USA birth rate will increase in 2020 and longer if people are staying home more and reproducing normally.

Idiot Biden Obamacare did not stockpile face masks, respirators, ventilators, test kits, ICUs, drugs, supplies….
Stolen for Ukraine?

Media does not describe what is in the test kits, where they are made, or how to test accuracy of the test kits.
Vaccines do not work for the flu / cold coronaviruses.
Will not work for this coronavirus either.
Constantly evolving new strains all of these will just have to be fought by your immune system as always.
Media do not show this coronavirus — not one true Photo but misleading art drawings.
Media do not describe how it differs from the others.
Media are becoming less and less useful.
TV was described as "downscale" media back in 1985 to push junk ads on dumb people.
A few months ago I found that I can tolerate 15 minutes of mainstream TV news per day.
Can show me all the closed cities, empty streets, occasional hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.
They have vast resources, cameras, plane tickets, casting couch talking heads,…. should be better.

Clearly globalism, internationalism, travel, trade, planes and open borders are taking a hit.
Trump is going to mail checks to the sheeple instead of globalists for a change.

Eventually most sheeple may see the problems with the global agenda.
They may feel better off with all borders closed and airports closed, etc.
No great loss or change for most.

People exist locally and are best served by local food, goods, and services.
In accordance with their genetics and ancestry.

Hopefully some justice will be served on those who created this mess over the last 500 years.
I am not optimistic as they have escaped so often before.

Ponzi may return by the end of the summer.
Huge economic boom as people make up for lost time,
and readjust the economy into sectors that make more sense.

Less cheap junk for the sheeple from overseas,
and expensive German Cars French Wine for the rich 1%.

More production of quality essentials in the USA.


From: GM

Some observed/ heard facts that are loosely tied:
MSM is 100% Corona focussed ... a total outrageous HOAX used by Trump as well.

High proportion of alt media is confused and uninformed ( and should not be writing or talking ).

There exist no reliable CV tests ... all data is made up.

However there are articles indicating CV deaths in Italy etc are multiple disease/ octogenarian based.
CV is milder than everyday flu.
5G is a military weapon system.

The real story is the crash of the dollar and the hidden war against the Deep State.

In March, there have been 30,000 American troops involved in taking down Deep Staters in Western European countries,
including 80 perps in the Vatican,
plus 10,000 troops doing the same in the UK
... all in unison with local military/ law enforcement.

Both British Royalty and Vatican were infiltrated by demonic Khazars several hundred years ago
(Brits by intermarriage and Vatican by Sabbatean/
Frankist cult Khazar Jew operatives
, YES REALLY, and "normal" Jews call them demonic).

Debt forgiveness has already begun in Australia.
Lots of debtors are being informed by their banks that their debts are forgiven (over there).

The dollar may be declared defunct soon and a "reset" declared by Trump.

Walmart , Target, CVS , etc may become operated by the military this year to make sure food, TP, meds, etc get to the public.

When I see hospital ships on the news,
I perceive prison ships for scumbag transport to Gitmo.

When I hear of celebrities saying they have CV,
I figure they are either going into hiding or much more likely Gitmo.

There is nil info of what the military is doing.
It is doing a lot.
Perfect secrecy and Mission Security.

People all over the world survive well on lentils, beans, etc with much lesser heart disease or cancer;
that may become more commonplace here without restaurant expense , fast food, packaged food.

I may not see Dick Cheney hanged for 9/11 as he most likely will get the silent McCain/ Bush Sr treatment.

I know little of what is REALLY going on. I just sort out alt media.


On Friday, March 20, 2020, 09:15:50 PM PDT, Ron wrote:

We are in the Post Modern era.
The 1960s was probably the height of empire.

As I oft state the world is Balkanizing not Globalizing.

Americans because of their elevated lifestyle much do to credit and the reserve currency are the most vulnerable.
Living on borrowed time and money.

Selfies, sports, and cruises.

Everything else was conspiracy by serfs with no retirements.

I saw this coming and moved with our meager savings to get out of a vulnerable blue urban area.

I very much appreciate the forwarded articles especially by you, Gregory,and John.

We drive to San Antonio for supplies and quickly back to the slow pace of the hills.

I am predicting huge HEB and Walmart stores here will be turned into distribution centers
with strictly enforced item limits and reduced hours.
Already HEB has employed armed guards recruited from law enforcement.

Very similar to WW2 homefront.


On Fri, Mar 20, 2020, 6:11 PM Lothar wrote:

We all want to enjoy a little bit more of paradise !

Travel is pretty much over by now.

Even enjoying the beaches is prohibited !

With low test rates, bug spreads in shadows...

How long will this last?

Americans must relearn to sacrifice...

Fatigue Will Be the Carrier of the Second Wave...
'Chilling' Plans: Who Gets Care When Hospitals Reach Max?
Second dog tests positive as owners warned not to abandon pets...

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

> On Mar 20, 2020, at 15:00, Eric wrote:
> We all going to whars6 the problem ?
> On Fri, Mar 20, 2020, 10:21 AM Lothar wrote:

> NBCNEWS Staffer Dead…

> AMERICAN AIRLINES grounds 55,000 flights...
> DELTA, UNITED sending largest planes to desert for storage...
> Gathering bans raise religious freedom questions..freedom to die...
> Flocking to the Safety of Comfort Foods...
> Meat Industry Braces for Disruptions From Ill Workers...
> UPDATE: Best-Case Outcome, and Worst...
> Lothar
> When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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