Friday, March 27, 2020

Virus Map that Has Scared the World? Federally Funded John Hopkins University

Trump is right to open healthy parts of the economy.
Sanctuary Ghettos will continue to infect themselves in their own filth as Hitler said.
Read the statistics to see where are the infections.

Start with the big picture:
The China virus is a tiny blip.
Will not slow the rapid growth in world population.
Will trigger a huge baby boom destroy planet earth.
Electronic Sodom and Gomorrah instead of 1492 healthy environment Native American ecosystem.

24,000 deaths from COVID-19 China Virus so far.

57,000,000 people died from all causes.
141,000,000 people were born
So the world population increased by
84,000,000 in 2015

In 1900 there were
2,000,000,000 people on the planet; today there are

Johns Hopkins is a top 5 Medical college by funding from the National Institutes of Health.
Rich Deep State University a few miles from Washington DC.
Follow the money.

From Ron:

who is behind the John Hopkins University map?
Is there a political connection?
clearly warrants investigation.
The people behind this graphic should be hauled into the Senate under subpoena.

What they have done with a misleading graphic is virtually overthrowing all human rights
and every principle of liberty that so many generations have fought for and died.

My family fought in every war since the American Revolution.

Germany has been talking about declaring Emergency Powers for one year.

We have others claiming the virus will last 18 months to clearly impact the 2020 elections.

The threats to our liberty are far worse than an invasion by China or Russia for that matter.

The red dots of John Hopkins University are outright propaganda
and deliberately misleading in my belief.

They are not current but historical.

They do not disappear with the virus subsiding.

Look at China – they make it seem as if the entire country were infected.

They are deliberately misleading
and make it appear as if whole countries are infected
to support stay at home and martial law.

This is propaganda on a grand scale that I have never witnessed in my 50 years of experience!

John Hopkins University has been promoting the collapse of democracy,
justifying the suppression of all freedom and civil liberties.

We have governments declaring emergency powers
to end democratic processes thanks to this misleading graphic.

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