Sunday, March 22, 2020

vaccines are a tool of government control that make big pharmaceutical companies rich

"If they fast-track some vaccine for coronavirus, how are all of us going to defend ourselves?"

"I'll let them vaccinate my daughter over my dead body."

"Hide in the floors like they hid the Jews from the Nazis," one suggested. "

Hide them in our gun safe (yes, it's a big safe and yes, we love our guns),"

a COVID-19 vaccine is likely still more than a year away,

concerns over mandatory vaccinations have spread throughout the anti-vaxxer community

prominent voices in the anti-vaxxer movement have settled in and around Austin,

Texans for Vaccine Choice.

This school year, nearly 73,000, or 1.35 percent, of Texas students opted out of getting at least one required vaccine for nonmedical reasons,

That number does not include home schooled children.

The anti-vaccine community, at large, believes that

vaccines are a tool of government control

that make big pharmaceutical companies rich

and have side effects that can cause lasting damage.

more scared that she'll be forced to vaccinate her two-year-old daughter than she is of the virus itself.

"For a vast majority of the population,
this is a few days of a high fever and a week of a lingering cough,"

"Once you give up rights to your body, the government owns you."

In Texas, students are required to get a number of immunizations to attend school.

But in 2003, the Legislature passed a law allowing kids to claim an exemption for "reasons of conscience, including religious belief," provided parents sign an affidavit.

said the state has the authority to make a prospective coronavirus vaccine mandatory,
meaning people that don't get it will be penalized, but notably not physically forced to get it.

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