Wednesday, March 25, 2020

SHTF food supply, essentials, stay at home order

Plants will continue to grow.
Farms will continue to operate.
You will continue to eat as long as trucks, banks, grocery stores, and farms continue to operate.
Homebound sheeple may get fatter and sicker from even more over-eating, under-exercising.
So far water, electricity, internet, phones continue to operate.
I got a stack of books and work to do, 
and permission from the government for outdoor exercise, and shopping for essentials.

Arab, Persian, and Negro countries not so lucky,
 interesting map below.
UK, Germany, Japan, Norway, Mexico, China, India, Venezuela also dependent. 

USA the most dominant in all areas like military, energy,,,
In the realm of food, The USA remains at the top, unchallenged.
USA has the position of being the largest producer and exporter of food.
Some of the richest oil-exporting nations, are beginning to have food shortages 
More dependent on imported food from the United States, giving it more and more power.
USA frequently uses its economic power in order to punish other countries by holding back on exporting food. 

Countries Without Sufficient Food Supply

1 Afghanistan
2 Burkina Faso
3 Burundi
4 Cameroon
5 Central African Republic
6 Chad
7 Democratic Republic of the Congo
8 Djibouti
9 Eritrea
10 Ethiopia
11 Guinea
12 Iraq 
13 Kenya
14 Lesotho
15 Liberia
16 Madagascar
17 Malawi
18 Mali
19 Mauritania
20 Mozambique
21 Myanmar
22 Nepal 
23 Niger
24 North Korea
25 Republic of the Congo
26 Sierra Leone
27 Somalia
28 South Sudan
29 Sudan
30 Swaziland
31 Syria
32 Uganda
33 Yemen
34 Zimbabwe

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