Monday, March 30, 2020

Riots, Martial Law, Press Uses Virus Against Trump

Democrats drowning in their own filth.
Martial Law needed.
Close interstate freeways.
Close state borders.

CNN is notorious in Florida for fake news when it comes to hurricanes. 

They try to exaggerate everything just to get people to watch. 

They had people fearing for their lives paying $7,000 for air tickets to leave the state in sheer panic. 

CNN claimed there would be a wall of water 10ft high. 
was at best 8 inches. 

 deliberately scaring the public to the point that 1/3 of Americans already believe they are infected because of the normal flu and are in fear of their lives.

hype the media has caused 
is unprecedented in history. 

 highlighting that police are infected 
so that makes people now even fearful of the police.

They are breaking down society and 

it is well known that the veneer of civilization vanishes starting after 7 days. 

In two more weeks, we are likely to see riots in certain areas as well as looting.

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