Sunday, March 22, 2020

more info on takedown of DS "pandemic" is cover for something else.

From: Ron

Thanks Gregory.

Enjoyed the QANON video.

I also believe the "pandemic" is cover for something else.

Believe banks may go down or only digital.

Wells Fargo quickly going to ATM only over here.

Panic everywhere. 

Received a call from inside an Academy Sports in San Antonio. 

Customers impatient.

Highly agitated. 

Buying out guns.

Went online to Most ammo completely sold out. 

Noticed yesterday HEB market customers ignoring stop signs and pedestrians. 

There is a rumor that HEB is hiring those with LE experience for $50. hr. for their CLOSED stores? 

 Looks like the preppers and so called "

 Conspiracy theorists" had  it right.

Only their timing was off.                      

Have not had the opportunity to read and contribute as 

I have accelerated prepping with a one year period in mind.

Went to a high end shopping mall this AM.

A ghostown.

Expected Rod Serling to step out anytime.


On Sat, Mar 21, 2020, 8:22 PM Greg
(505) #10Days: Darkness Coming 4/1! STOCK Act Criminals, State Borders #RoundUp - YouTube

more info on situation.    also state lines closing … possible internet down April

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