Tuesday, March 31, 2020

mass arrests

Too good to be true???

Get ready for loss of phone, internet, electricity, water,….
Why I bought a farm some years ago that was unfortunately still on the grid, hard to get off.
Still Looking for a farm that is off the grid.
May not be too late but now no real estate transactions will happen.


From: Greg

From David Wilcock's 3/29/2020 long 3.5 hour YouTube Video,

I am hearing the following:

On 3/27/2020
the Federal Reserve Bank was nationalized
and combined with the Treasury Dept.

Trump is now Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Prior to Good Friday there will be 3 days of no phone and very slow internet .

The internet will be rewired to prevent listening in by the Deep State.

While the internet is down there will be government television of what has been going on with mass arrests.

Warren Buffet,
Ted Turner ,
Mike Bloomberg,
Oprah W,
and especially Bill Gates
will have been arrested for conspiracy to depopulate the earth.

Bill gates has been poisoning people with vaccines all over the world.

The US has sent 30,000 troops
who along with 7,000 European troops

will be making mass arrests in Western Europe.

US troops, 10,000, also are sent to UK to make arrests.

The Brit Royals and 80 in the Vatican, including the pope, are toast.

US troops will break into bunkers and make mass arrests of Illuminati.

Distribute this as you see fit.


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