Sunday, March 29, 2020

Gerald Celente – Gold in Greatest Depression Will Be Stolen


From: Ron

Thanks Lothar.

One of Celente's better interviews.

Basically all public and private debt will be monetized or bought up with newly created money.

The ultimate effect of a snail eating his own tail.

Confidence is then lost in the issuing governments and then systemic collapse along with currencies.

Imo physical cash (reserve dollar only) as I have often stated is the best current investment
IF one has all necessary tangibles for existence.

Maybe gold but gold as a later store of wealth.

Problem with precious metals is millenials and GenXers dont acknowledge the historic value of precious metals.

Additionally silver unlike gold has primarily industrial demand.

In a deflationary environment silver may not perform as well as gold.

There is that famous Mark Dice video where he interviews college students and gives them a choice of a silver bar or a candy bar.

All chose the candy bar.

Whether that is testimony to the fading value of precious metals or the ignorance of the latest generations is an open issue.

Prior to C19 guns and ammo were a bargain with a strong dollar.

I still believe both to be excellent tangible investments
(if one can find them)

in the gathering "Perfect Storm."

Just my take,


Lothar \

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