Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Financial Crash, Repos, Bankruptcy: Lies, Damned Lies, & Democrats

Pandemic to hide the culprits in the financial crisis.
Fed bailout of global bankers.
Rothschilds win again.
Mnuchen to get $500,000,000,000 for his pals
plus much more than that from the Fed that will not be reported.

Sheeple clueless, under house arrest addicted to TV video disinformation,
eating corporate home delivered pizza making them sick,
dementia is often caused by addiction to sugar, electronics, dopamine brain secretions.

Pandemic conspiracy has been going on for decades,
now being implemented.

From: John

Prior to their virus trigger, we already had a massive problem with debt, that can never be paid back.

Hundreds of thousands of small to large business will go bankrupt.

Where do you think the Trillion plus dollar stimulus Congress is voting on as we speak will take us?

Where will the money come from?

They will simply print it, digitally speaking, that is.

There is simply no way for the government to bail out all the money that was lost.

Ladened down with trillions of dollars of worthless derivatives,
Deutsche Bank will finally fail
and the rest of Europe will follow.

By mid-year the damage will have been done.

The New York Stock Market Ponzi scheme will have ended, losing over 50% of its fictitious value.

The Federal Reserve is out of ammunition when the interest rates go to zero.

The QE4, which has been going on since September 2019, is now up to $600 Billion a month with the Repo Markets
(once overnight lending between banks, now taken over by the Fed)
went from $500 Billion to over $1.5 Trillion this past week, with 30-60-90 days to repay.

This bodes well to present the inevitable question of, "How high is up?"

The dark road mentioned above will most definitely include the enactment of Martial Law,
which some would argue we are under to some degree today.

Some areas are restricting travel. In the Garden State,
homeowners are being told not to travel to their 'get away homes' on the Jersey Shore.

Which is an amazing situation, where in a once free country, the government is now warning people where they can and cannot go.


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