Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Drug big Pharma "campaign contributions" in America are the same as "bribery" in Mexico

Learn about drugs.
Go to Berkeley UCSF #1 Chemistry, Biochem, pharmacy, drug universities in the world.
Including my ex-wife and most females I knew.
I would have been a chemistry major but my mother wanted me to be a lawyer so I got lost in social sciences and people I do not like.
Lived around chemists, drugs, most of my life, everybody I know, almost.
Even lived in #1 marijuana grow area,
and now #1 meth opioid and addict area, still.
Addiction rate 100% of those under age 30 in rural areas around here.
Many books, classes, seminars locally on the problem.

Mexican illegals do the work that negroes and white trash addicts cannot do due to addiction.
Some of this goes back 100 years moonshine whiskey,
country and western music,
NASCAR invented to speed away from cops,
Indianapolis 500,
Missouri, Arkansas Ozark forests where I live now many of my relatives died high speed crashes.
Appalachians Virginia Carolina before that.
Northeast England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland before that.
Alt-right culture for 2000 years.
Fought the Roman empire
Romans had to build Hadrian's Wall to prevent us from pushing them out of their colony in London England
as shown in the movie "the eagle."

All pharma companies should be nationalized.
All prescription drugs should be free to patients.
All drugs grown / made organically in the USA.
All drug worker salaries set on the high school teacher pay scale.
Ban all advertising of drugs.
Ban all movies valorizing drugs, sex, violence, fossil fuels,…
Ban all fiction in general.

From: Lothar

> From: Greg
> Subject: "campaign contributions" in America are the same as "bribery" in Mexico

FDA medical adviser:
'Congress is owned by pharma'

Pharmaceutical companies are under the spotlight with congressional hearings on the cost of drug prices and allegations of the industry's role in the opioid crisis.

Dr. Raeford Brown, a pediatric anesthesia specialist …
and chair of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Committee on Analgesics and Anesthetics,
has been openly critical of big pharma and the lack of proper oversight from the FDA.

Despite many politicians, particularly declared presidential candidates, beginning to speak out against big pharma,

Brown does not think that anything will come out of it "because Congress is owned by pharma."
"The pharmaceutical industry pours millions of dollars into the legislative branch every single year," he [said].

"In 2016, they put $100 million into the elections.

That's a ton of money."

OpenSecrets, a website operated by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, tracks money in U.S. politics.

It ranked the top 20 members of the House and the Senate that have received the most campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical and health products industry. Kevin McCarthy, now the

House minority leader after midterms, received ... a total of $380,350 in campaign contributions,
with a large sum coming from pharma companies.

"Congress is supposed to have oversight for the FDA," Brown said.

"If the FDA isn't going to hold pharma accountable, and Congress is getting paid to not hold pharma accountable, then it really doesn't matter who the president is because it's really about Congress."

Note: Learn more on how big Pharma controls politicians in this very well researched video.

For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and Big Pharma profiteering from reliable major media sources.

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

• Arie S. Belldegrun (1949–), Israeli-American (co-)founder of Kite Pharma and biotechnology companies Agensys, Allogene Therapeutics[57]

• Howard Birndorf (1950–), co-founder of biotechnology companies Hybritech, Inc., Gen-Probe(merged with Hologic) and IDEC Pharmaceuticals (merged with Biogen)[58][59]

• Phillip Frost (1936–), entrepreneur, chairman and CEO of OPKO Health, former Vice chairman of Teva[60]

• Alex Grass (1927–2009), founder of the Rite Aid Corporation[61]

• Bennett Greenspan (1952–), co-founder of gene testing company Gene by Gene, Ltd. (Family Tree DNA)[62][63]

• Rachel Haurwitz (1985–), co-founder of gene editing company Caribou Biosciences[64]

• Joel Landau, co-founder of nursing home operator company The Allure Group and healthcare services company AlphaCare[65]

• Jeremy Levin (1954–), South African-born chairman of Ovid Therapeutics Inc., former CEO of Teva[66]

• Arthur D. Levinson (1950–), CEO of biotechnology company Calico, former chairman of Genentech[67]

• Al Mann (1925–2016), founder of biotechnology companies Pacesetter Systems and the MannKind Corporation[68]

• Stewart Rahr (1946–), founder of Kinray Inc.[69][70]

• Shlomo Rechnitz (1971–), health care magnate, co-founder of TwinMed LLC[71]

• Richard Roberts (1957–), former owner of URL Pharma (acquired by the Takeda Pharmaceutical Company in 2012)[72]

• Martine Rothblatt (1954–), founder of biotechnology company United Therapeutics, co-founder of Sirius Satellite Radio[73][74]

• Mortimer (1916–2010) and Raymond Sackler (1920–2017), former owners of Purdue Pharma(known for OxyContin); members of the Sackler family[75]

• Leonard Schleifer (1953–), founder of biotechnology company Regeneron Pharmaceuticals[76][77]

• Daniel E. Straus (1956–), founder of CareOne LLC and minority owner of NBA's Memphis Grizzlies[78]

• Samuel D. Waksal (1947–), French-born founder of ImClone Systems, Kadmon Corporation[79][80][81]

• Herbert Wertheim (1939–), founder of eye care products manufacturing company Brain Power Incorporated (BPI)[82][83]

• Ron Zwanziger (1954–), Israeli-American founder of diagnostic testing devices manufacturing company Alere, Inc.[84]

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