Thursday, March 26, 2020

China Virus hoax, martial law, lockdown agenda,:

Go to and get a free video conferencing account.
Just talk over the internet instead of meeting in person.

Demand Free fiber optic home internet $30 per month
is much cheaper than $1000 per month Trump-care,
or liberal democrat guaranteed income.

School shootings not a problem in home schools.
End taxpayer funded school liberal indoctrination disinformation system.
Give parents money to educate their children at home while under house arrest.
Give parents free shotguns to defend their home, fire cops, save tax money.

Wuhan China corona virus is just another flu, but nobody has immunity to it yet, so you will get it.
The weakest will get the sickest, the strongest will barely notice it.
Fewer deaths in 2020 due to social distancing and less travel, spread of other diseases.

Pandemic scare is a test of electronic control system.
House arrest as a way of life.
Gullible sheeple educated by electronic disinformation fake STEM.
Cannot do simple statistics.
Brain fried by electronic, sugar, drug… addiction.

Why did they close the barn door after the horse escaped.
Novel virus means ground all airplanes as after 9/11.
Close all borders immediately.
Allow travel after testing and quarantine of the infected.
Pandemic would never happen.
Over in days.

Turn off electronics ignore fake news,
Write a library quality book with pages that lie flat and do not fall out even after hundreds of years of reading:




Trump hijacked the CV hoax for his own purposes …

to minimize targets for Progressives' staged shootings at churches, schools, sporting events, malls, etc.

WHILE executing military/ LEO plans to arrest Deep State scumbags in Europe ( including UK ) and the USA ( especially in D.C. ).

There will most likely be an injection of Trillions of $ into the economy after the Scumbag Arrest Phase which Trump says may be over by Easter.

I hope you watch the comprehensive D Wilcock video I sent as well as the three J. Willie/ Wm Mount videos.


, Ron wrote:

Thanks Gregory.

Excellent summary by a retired CIA analyst that at this point I agree with.

80% false positives.

All but about 2% had existing physical conditions.

The saddest part are supposedly educated persons that I know including retired school teachers and a retired principal hang on every word from the TV.

Bleaching down their closets.

Sitting in their living room wearing an N95 mask.

Any other news sources are "conspiracy."

It is my belief the real target by the Deep State and Progressives is a takedown of the Trump economy.

Notice the difference in the way the "pandemic" is handled in blue jurisdictions such as California and New York.

Fighting individual bailouts in Congress while insisting persons shelter in place indefinitely.

Perfect one two punch to start a slow rolling LA riot across the nation especially in big blue urban zones.

I believe chaos leading up to the November election is the goal of the Left.

Under the Kilgali Principle the UN reserves the right to send troops into a nation without permission of the federal gov.

On at least two occasions Leftist leaders in the US have expressed a desire for UN troops to intervene for domestic violence.

The Progressive Portland Police Chief and a Democratic Chicago alderman both called for UN troops despite the availability of National Guard.

A federalized national guard remains under the control President Trump.

UN are under the control the UN security Council.

A globalist body.

If I am correct watch as the virus scare per se is superseded by fears of violence and economic collapse.

For now am going to go find a good Western movie to watch.

Just my take,


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020, 2:08 AM Greg

(519) Former Spy Tells President Trump Truth in Nine Minutes -- Fake Pandemic, 5G Triggers, Purge Needed - YouTube

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