Monday, March 23, 2020

Bailout rich 1% distract sheeple with Witch Hunt: The Storm Is Upon Us

Financial crisis obscured by coronavirus.
Rich 1% need taxpayer $$$$ to payoff their debts again.

Hysteria over a virus that has lowered the death rate?
Manufactured hysteria to prepare the sheeple for martial law,
takeover of all governments in the world?
Rich 1% control everything now?
your food, water, power, internet, medicine, health care, facebook, …
Pie-in-the-sky news while you are being robbed and controlled today more than ever?

Arrest globalist criminals?
Don't count your chickens until they are hatched.
Sounds too pie-in-the-sky although it would be great if true.
The accounting is not done.
No records.
Accounting is not understood.
Nobody knows who is the conspirators except the conspirators themselves.
Conspirators can get away with anything, almost, and nobody knows what happened.
Panama Papers exposed some crimes but not many prosecutions.
Complicated paper trail very hard to follow, by design.
2008 derivatives hiccup did not stop derivatives bubbles.
Derivatives incomprehensible even by conspirators.

Rich 1% in the areas most impacted? truth or fiction?
Concentration of coronavirus in the rich inflated democrat blue conspiracy areas Seattle California New York.
Probably Hitler was right,
they will drown in their own filth.
Poor rural flyover states less impacted.
Or is it just that the conspirators fake pandemic are in those blue areas?

Rich North Italy hit harder than poor South Italy,
more indoor electronics HIV, Maseratis, cars, coffee, wine, beef...
Poor south eat anchovies, sardines, garlic, vegetables, Mediterranean diet , get outdoor sunshine, work in gardens,..

Rest homes employ poor sick people to care for rich old farts, injured patients with insurance?
Arkansas and Seattle for instance worst hit are the rest homes.
Sacrificed by germs to stir up panic, takeover.

Why Korea? Rich 1% South worse than starving North?

Rich 1% Wuhan worse than poor Muslim rural areas?
China is extremely xenophobic.
China invented the term.
China would not conspire with anybody unless given more $ than most could pay.
Any such theory must explain China.
Wuhan 5G university area, similar to Seattle, San Francisco, New York Rich 1%.

This article very important, may be invoked, does not discuss the role of the militia:


From: Lothar

Coronavirus is also new territory,
where the military itself is vulnerable and the disaster scenarios being contemplated

-- including the possibility of widespread domestic violence as a result of food shortages
-- are forcing planners to look at what are called "extraordinary circumstances".

Above-Top Secret contingency plans already exist for what the military is supposed to do if all the Constitutional successors are incapacitated.

Standby orders were issued more than three weeks ago to ready these plans,

not just to protect Washington but also to prepare for the possibility of some form of martial law.


From: John

Some strange stuff all tied together.
Child trafficking

The coronavirus was a Globalist ploy that failed
and has been hijacked by the Trump Administration to be used as cover to keep people inside
and to prevent collateral damage during a military op of mass arrests.

Some targets are very violent and they will fight back.

For your safety, it's best to stay inside.

The operation is live.

Arrests are happening in Southern California now.

It's being overseen by NAVSPEC.

They will arrest 160,000 people in 90 days, including members of the mainstream media and Barry Soetoro.
Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo of Indonesia was the stepfather of Barack Obama,

The the assets of criminal banksters, Rothschilds, The Committee, etc.
who've been stealing from us for decades are being seized.
We will be repaid.

The IRS and the Fed will be abolished and after all of this shakes out,
we will only pay consumption taxes of between 7%-15%.

Everyone will be financially better off when all is said and done.

We will be informed of a lot of things that have been kept secret;
medical breakthroughs,
suppressed information about alternative energy
and the truth about extraterrestrial life.

Everyone will be given a credit card to buy a free energy device and we will never have to pay the electric company again.

THE GRAND CHESSBOARD: It's Getting Biblical Folks as
Pope Vanishes,

Mecca Shuts Down for the First Time in History

"…The lab-engineered 'novel coronavirus' is the cover story for a mandatory vaccination agenda.

Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation the world has ever seen.

This massive – 158,000 arrests –
operation will capture and remove the biggest evil and corrupt politicians, celebrities, and CEOs,
including global elites and bankers such as George Soros,

the Jews are being liberated for the first time in 5,780 years
as they oust Satan-worshipping Benjamin Netanyahu from power.

The trigger for these events was a refusal by the Chinese people,
on February 16th, 2020,
to pay any further tribute to the ancient Satanic bloodline families.

This happened when Chinese leaders told the United States Corporation
they would not ship any more physical stuff
unless they are paid with things that actually exist in the real world.
In other words, they broke the ancient Satanic money magic illusion.

The so-called pandemic that ensued was a combination of
a biological and electromagnetic warfare retaliatory attack on China.

Although the attack apparently caused mass casualties in Wuhan,
it failed to intimidate or bow the Chinese people.

Every year about 15 million people die from respiratory ailments.
Even conservative estimates say the flu kills over 300,000 people annually.
And yet here we have extreme hysteria over a few thousand deaths of people whose average age is 80-years old.

The lab-engineered 'novel coronavirus' is the cover story for a mandatory vaccination agenda.

Now it has become the biggest covert U.S. Intelligence operation the world has ever seen.

This massive – 158,000 arrests – operation will capture and remove the biggest evil and corrupt politicians, celebrities, and CEOs, including global elites and bankers such as George Soros, U.N. officials,

President Trump will win the 2020 election,

arrests of former U.S. presidents will occur in early 2021.

Some top religious leaders will be arrested or forced to resign,

The Vatican will be the first, and the Pope will be removed in 2020.

Hollywood and the Vatican will be exposed

There will be a 2-month complete shutdown of the world's most common operations, such as schools,
the stock exchange, some banks, airports, shipping, travel, events, galas, expos,
sport games, sport championships, music award ceremonies,
NBA/NHL/Baseball games, and ship cruises.

There will be food shortages and staged electricity power loss.

Gas prices will go down,
food costs will go up, insurance will go up,
gold and silver stocks will fall,
and many corporations will either go bankrupt or take a significant financial loss,
such as in the case of what's about to happen to Air Canada, Disney, and Coca-Cola."

"Nancy Pelosi died within the last 24 hours.
The coronavirus will most likely be reported as the cause of death when the public announcement is made."

"Steven Mnuchin will be removed very soon.
He is an agent of the Khazarian cabal.
The time has come to cut him loose as he knows too much about their inside dealings,
including thefts from the U.S. Treasury.

"Boeing Company will go under.
It is finished.
All aircraft service centers will be shut down globally.
Maintenance facilities will be closed globally.
Aircraft sales have already stopped. Leases canceled.
Boeing will bring down Lockheed-Martin.
They have their tentacles circling the globe.
This will bring down the cabal".

"Oil can drop to $5 a barrel as nobody wants it anymore.



Real estate billionaire Tom Barrack said the U.S. commercial-mortgage market is on the brink of collapse and predicted a
"domino effect" of catastrophic economic consequences
if banks and government don't take prompt action to keep borrowers from defaulting.

Barrack, chairman and chief executive officer of Colony Capital Inc., warns in a white paper of a
chain reaction of margin calls,
mass foreclosures,
evictions and, potentially,
bank failures due to the coronavirus pandemic
and consequent shutdown of much of the U.S. economy.

"Loan repayment demands are likely to escalate on a systemic level,
triggering a domino effect of borrower defaults
that will swiftly and severely impact the broad range of stakeholders in the entire real estate market,
including property and home owners,
hotel operators and their respective tenants and employees,

Barrack said the impact could dwarf that of the Great Depression.

Rescue Plan

Specifically, his paper highlights the fragility of mortgage real estate investment trusts, or REITs,
and credit funds and the lenders that provide them with liquidity via repurchase financing.

He argues for a rescue plan coordinated by banks and supported by government that includes the following:

$500 billion of taxpayer funds to provide liquidity to the financial system,
including for loans and repurchase contract

Temporary suspensions of both mark-to-market accounting and certain loan-modification rules

Delaying until 2024 a new accounting rule governing the recognition of credit losses

Leeway for banks to provide loan forbearance without triggering bank-capital rule violations

Barrack, a longtime friend of President Donald Trump, has much at stake in the outcome.

Most of Colony's investments are in or connected to real estate.

The Los Angeles-based firm's year-end financial report lists
$3.54 billion of assets in hospitality real estate and
$725 million of debt and equity investments at Colony Credit Real Estate Inc.,
its publicly traded commercial mortgage REIT.

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