Tuesday, March 31, 2020

America Entering Permanent Martial Law -- New World Order Out Of Chaos ...

Good short video.

Have noticed blue jurisdictions and mainstream news over dramatizing 
like they do with hurricanes 
and fake winds with machines.

 % of cases is based on those tested.
Few have been tested.

As testing goes up the % infected should go down as most detected cases occurred when someone was noticeably sick.

Corona family of viruses is very common and large groups of persons should have some Corona cells in them.

Medical shelter in place becoming permanent martial law wont work.

In prison new guards are instructed to enforce rules and law tightly by the book and later gradually relax rules.

When a prison society was very lenient with many freedoms and 
THEN tightening and restrictions occured the result was a huge backlash.

Most riots occur after a lockdown or rules and privileges removed 
not when rules were loosened.

Prisons imo are a microcosm of human society in general. 

We are about ten days away from the first urban riots 
assuming quaranteens are enforced.


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