Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Adam Andrzejewski | The Depth of the Swamp

Hillsdale College interviews are always worthwhile.

Essentially the Swamp is a giant grift operation extending to all levels of government.

The time period is similar to the late 1700s characterized by the French and American Revolutions.

This sad state of affairs cannot last much longer as mainstreet USA has been drained like a corpse.

Only embittered working Americans including hopeless Millennials along with un-payable levels of debt remain.

Recipients of taxpayer largesse are being assailed on the Left (Sanders / Marxism) and on the right by Populists (Trump).

A brokered class-peace is the best we can hope for

but that is increasingly a longshot as the affluent double down on their weakening grip on assets.

Law enforcement already depleted will have little effect as the palace guard.

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Lothar wrote:

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