Friday, December 13, 2019

Vast Left Wing conspiracy. Impeach: a very alerting article with much information

I saw some congressional conspirators on TV impeachment hoax and fake news pundit talking head idiots.

I have followed this since Spring 1968 Sunday economics study sessions with Jews.
I have talked to some of the conspirators mentioned in the article and their spouses.
You learn better and sooner from in person interactions.

This could be made into a paperback book, executive summary style.

Many source books in the library, far beyond this.
You could get a Phd for 10 year in depth study and dissertation on each subtopic.

It is rather dated and omits most life-threatening extermination conspiracies active today.

If it is important it will get printed on paper and sold.
Computers bad for eyes.  
Paper much better, faster, safer, and requires no electricity 1000 years of reading, save the planet, not trackable.


Yes, a very informative article.

Thank you, Greg.

It's taken me days to read through all the links, and watch the associated videos.

Rich L..........out.........

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