Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Trump peace president. Putin, Zelenskiy meet for Paris summit on Ukraine conflict

From: Lothar

Putin, Zelenskiy meet for Paris summit on Ukraine conflict

The leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany are in Paris for a long-awaited summit on the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The talks aim to revive a stalled 2015 cease-fire deal.


Progress in peace efforts could ultimately lead to the lifting of EU sanctions imposed on Russia over its [re-action] role in the conflict. The EU is expected this week to extend the sanctions by another six months.

"I see no reason to change anything in the European Union's sanctions policy toward Russia in this matter," German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in Brussels, adding that "it would be good if we could get there at some point.''

"We will continue what we 'thought' was right so far — to extend the SANCTIONS — because the reason, (the Re-action [to our coup] we didn't like) that led to our sanctions, continues to exist," he said.

[Western frustration with their fumbled coup]

The reasons [insult to injury] for 'illegal' sanctions....Russia's proper and prompt COUNTER-MOVE to the Western CRIME, that would have left Russia defenseless, without its Navy in Crimea.

(US/NATO were trying to steal the entire country, especially Crimea, while Putin was preoccupied with hosting the Winter Olympics)

(Victoria Nuland.....a 5 Billion Dollar cost for our Ukrainian coup)

Sanctions are the Punishment for the ['predictable'] self-preservation brilliant Re-action by Russia, peacefully securing Russia's Navy in Crimea, without firing a shot.

(Putin being the better chess player)

PNAC wars....regime changes....

If all this nonsense [PNAC] evil agenda would not have been done, millions of lives would have been spared and millions more would not have been thrown into misery.

Also about 6 Trillion Dollars would have been saved.

President Trump would have had a good friendship with Putin and our troops in the ME would have been withdrawn.

Sure, the Military Industrial Complex [Deep State] would have gone bankrupt.

Worldwide Peace would have broken out ! (No enemy) That's why they prevented that !

If we curtail our empire, the Chinese would not be aggressive or ambitious to be an empire to dominate us.

Though they would be number ONE economically at some point.

The danger to our freedom comes from within our own government !

There are the forces of evil 1% who want to continue their wars for world enslavement.

War is so much more lucrative than peace, for them ! Prison planet the goal.

Will the evil continue to win ? I hope not !

Let's pray that our 'peace president' gets the upper hand over these war lovers/ destroyers of our constitution, soon.

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