Tuesday, December 17, 2019

snowed in ice storm freezing 20s, 30s after long warm fall.

I think big modern TVs are bad for the eyes
blasting huge amounts of bad wavelengths at your eyes.
And modern computer monitors phones tablets LED lighting that is everywhere.
May soon see epidemic of blindness on top of other epidemics.

I have been nearly full time on computers since 1970 until recently.
Now I am becoming more like a teenager by reading real books and papers and got outdoors more like I did back then.
Moving to a warmer climate would help.

I am snowed in today.
Ice storm.
Prevent injuries by skipping my walk to the gym.
Yesterday was not too bad, an inch or crusty ice.
But overnight hard freeze and more black ice on top of yesterdays ice.
Stay home and organize stuff like get ready for taxes, moving, etc.

Older people should not walk on ice.
I am still thinking of moving south to a warmer climate.
Better to be alive in Hawaii than dead on the mainland.

I am working hard on new research, so hard to get ready to move.
Computer programming of very large numbers, like trillions, quadrillions, quintillions, sextillions, septillions, octillions,…
It can be done with tricks.
Needed to search for perfect numbers.

Six is a perfect number:
Both the sum and product of its divisors.
Very few such numbers.
Hard to find - so far all even, not odd numbers.
Need to investigate very large numbers to conduct exhaustive search.
Nobody ever found an odd perfect number or an extraterrestrial I volunteered on the SETI project since 1997.


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