Thursday, December 19, 2019

Satanic Democrat debates at 5 PM

Democrats are a Satanic conspiracy to destroy planet earth.

Import Illegal Immigrant slaves to get rich off slaves who will burn more fossil fuels in GMO poison agriculture dump pig shit over all land and water, chicken shit, etc.

Illegals will reproduce like rabbits and use all money available that can be stolen, on jobs, sell drugs, prostitution, medical care, or however,

Kill off native americans, steal native land, fight white conspiracy because whites have interbred with native americans so hold some legitimacy.
Replace them all with 100% illegals.

Also whites are smarter so may spot evil schemes easier than colored multi culture folk.

Import poison pills from Communist China to kill, weaken, sicken all the population.

Democrats will not stop until every human, plant, and animal is killed and earth uninhabitable.

> From: Ron
> Watching last nights Tucker now.Dems are not Socialists.

> Socialism is basically spreading tax money out to everyone regardless of output.Income transfer.

> Radical Dems are proposing Marxism simultaneously attempting to initiate a civil war as their political hopes fade.

> Their platforms are promises that cannot be kept and threats to those that oppose them.

> The threats are almost verbatim of what Stalin made in the 1930s.

> The threats were made good when approx.

> 30 million Ukrainians were starved or shot.
> Ron
> On Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 4:58 PM Lothar wrote:

> Since the Democrats can't reveal their socialist agenda,

> their strategy will be to attack the president, his persona, directly, and make him a 'TARGET OF HATE' in the Debates !

> (since Trump pretends to be a friend of Israel's , they are slowed with their attacks, because EVERYBODY is afraid of the big BOSS)

> All Democrats try to convey to the sheeple is their plan 'THEIR GOAL' to unseat president Trump. The person !

> (The bought and paid... press, media...."Presstitutes" are eager to sell their propaganda)
> If President Trump succeeds in saving this country, gets a second term, no assassination, then he will go down in History as a second.... George Washington !

> If he gets assassinated, I'm afraid.... civil unrest/

> maybe even civil war will break out !
> Did you enjoy 'Tucker' last night ?

> Now it is clear what these socialist democrats are up to.

> They want open borders and [ want to give $$] to all these millions of aliens flooding in,

> [and already here illegally]

> give FREE healthcare, schooling, housing and free food etc. taken....from the money they get by confiscating all private property.

> [that means us home-owners]......destroying the middle class !

> I hope they are wise enough to confiscate our guns first ! Sarcasm :-)

> It could be that they will use the back-door approach by raising our property taxes UNTIL we lose our homes/property that way.

> Watch the debates starting at 5PM our time [ABC]

> I believe....or have your DVR humming, record it !


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