Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Refereed government control, 9/11: Chemtrails

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From: Ron

Most of those not willing to talk are afraid of losing their pensions and position.

Same thing happens in less controversial controversies such as fraud in bureaucracies such as HUD.

Military vets refusing to discuss events including UFOs over fear of losing pensions.

Years after their deaths their spouses still fear losing pensions.

At some point as interest rates become near zero or negative and currencies fail the ability to bribe persons or blackmail them will lose effect.


Dear Rich

Chemtrails are spread by military aircraft the pilots of which don't know what it's all about.

Condensation trails dissipate; chemical trails DO NOT DISSIPATE.

The foremost civilian outsider authority on the subject (that I'm aware of ) is Elena Freeland.

I recently read her book _ "Under An Ionized Sky".

Here are some of the stated purposes of chemtrails not all of which originated with her :

Chemtrails can be used to enhance the effectiveness of scalar interferometry Tesla weapon systems.

Scalar interferometry in turn can be used to to destroy objects over the horizon , under the sea, or even under the ground, not to mention objects in direct line of sight high over the ground.

Scalar waves are used for remote weather modification also.

Chemtrails can be used to enhance or block scalar wave communication systems.

Chemtrails can used to infuse populations with metallic nanoparticles which make humans physiologically responsive to electromagnetic radiation from satellite systems.

There are more hidden purposes. I think the story about keeping the earth from global warming by blocking the sun is a cover story ( aka Bullshit ).

Watch the youtube titled "Transhumanism, Tesla Technology, Rudolph Steiner and Bringing it all Together w/Elana Freeland part 1 " and part 2.

Don't worry ... we've had good lives with good beer and other things.


On Monday, December 9, Rich wrote:

On a recent trip to Wash. D.C I asked a pilot about chem-trails.

"It's ice crystals from water-vapor in the exhaust frozen in the upper atmosphere,"

During the cross country flight, I spent a great deal of time looking out the window at 39,000'.

I'd asked a steward to have the pilot [a different one] announce the altitude once we were well on our way.

I saw two other commercial airliners flying below us.

One passed nose-to-tail (head-on), while the other passed below, perpendicular to our tail section.

I'd never seen other air traffic on commercial flights before -- it was kinda cool.

Neither left any trail in their exhaust.

Last spring, while selling books at a local gun show, I talked to an active fireman.

He was mid-thirties, strong physique, and intelligent; everything you would want/expect a fireman to be.

We spoke at length about 9/11.
He said someone gave, "a talk," at his station to the entire crew stating how the trusses in the twin towers were compromised due to heat, causing them to bow,

and pull in the exterior walls -- resulting in structural failure.

Those studying the events of 9/11/2001 dispute these claims along with other, state narratives.

It's clear pilots and firemen, and assumably all relevant govn't employees, have been given a line to repeat, most likely in order to keep their jobs.

The pilot couldn't help but know better.

If I'd seen other planes out the windows -- no doubt he had as well.

For the life of me, I could not convince the fireman he'd been lied to.

There is a machine in place. It feeds on sheeple. It lies through the bought-off lame-stream media.

It is unelected and unimpeachable.

The more I learn about AI, electric communication surveillance, and social-credit-score, (supposedly in China -- not here) the more I wonder if/when/how much, people like us {free thinkers} are at risk.

I remember talking to someone about speed-traps, years ago.

The thinking was; they can't pull everybody over at once.

Actually, in a well-organized effort -- they can.

Should we worry? -- Maybe.

However, as they say; life's too short to drink bad beer -- or maybe, put up with too much bullshit.

Rich L............out............

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