Sunday, December 15, 2019

plastic dead voting. Will Pelosi Have the Votes to Impeach?

You are becoming plastic - easily absorbable micro-plastics in foods, packaging, clothes, cosmetics, shampoo, coffee filters.///
Avoid Coffee, the most pesticided consumable in the SAD Standard American Diet.
Causes AFIB atrial fibrillation.
12% of caffeine metabolizes to theobromine that causes AFIB.
Chocolate is worse, contains lots of theobromine that causes AFIB.
AFIB leads to stroke, heart attack, etc.
The Dead Cannot Vote, as desired by the corporate establishment powers that be.
Population Replacement.

Volunteer to count votes at your county clerk office.
Register with the minority party in your precinct, area,
to increase your chances to get called to count votes.

Bankers may crash the economy to stop Trump 2020.

Democrats can start impeach redo 2
after senate votes down impeach 1.
No end of schemes to take over the government and kill you off.

From: Ron

Democrats are in a Pomp and Circumstance feedback loop.
Most were the kids that never got picked for teams on the playground.
Playhouse 90.
Kubuki theater.

The real threat are the Globalists and Deep State that pull their strings.

Don't be mesmerized by what the TV presents daily.

Keep your eyes on the little man behind the curtain pulling levers.

Keep your eyes on Virginia,
the southern border,
and California.

As stated earlier the coup continues in the shadows at different locales and levels.

Little news items in second tier sources such as increases of Chinese and Africans on the Southern Border.
Is there any relevance to the ongoing Civil War?

If so what piece in the jig saw puzzle?
Or not relevant?

The coup has many players at many levels acting in concert.

By definition they are collectivist.

They are well funded by Soros
and international sources.

Americans are mesmerized by selfies and sports, porn,alcohol,and drugs.

There is the dampening effect of normalcy bias.

There has "always" been two parties.

Parties are like sports teams now back to TV.

A dog in Milwaukee nursed kittens.,etc.

A man married his sex robot in Japan.

Be watching for financial events orchestrated or not.

Shoveling $100 billion a night into the Repo mkt. in an ultimately doomed effort to keep short term interest rates down.

Banks are not liquid.

Talking heads dont understand and pretend they do to appear erudite.


Despite an inadequate performance last week by Constitutional law experts before the House Judiciary Committee,

Chair Jerrold Nadler released a unilateral committee report on Saturday entitled "Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment."

The Report came the day after Speaker Nancy Pelosi's press conference in which she directed the formation of Articles of Impeachment.

As has become apparent to any objective observer; that is one who prefers facts over fiction,
the Democrats remain locked in an imaginary world struggling to maintain a relevance, a stature of standing that no longer exists.

Presumably with no Quid Pro Quo,
no allegation of criminal conduct,
no legally substantial evidence or factual basis and no bipartisan support,
in defiance of previous impeachment norms,
the Democrats are hell bent on making public jackasses out of themselves.

In a hearing with Constitutional legal experts expected to score big legal points in support of impeachment,
the witnesses instead turned out to be smug,
hyper partisan activists as they were consistently unpersuasive and unimpressive.

All three displayed not a wit of objectivity or neutrality while touting their own personal political agenda
with a foreign policy ax to grind, leaving the unmistakable impression that their testimonies were nothing short of conflated.

Condescending as if pontificating to a class of mediocre law students,
Professor Noah Feldman had suggested in 2017 that Presidential tweets could be grounds for impeachment,
indicative of the depth of his thinking as he repeatedly impressed himself with his own rhetoric.

Professor Pamela Karlan opened with a shrillness that grew into a hyperbole
spewing divisiveness among the American people and went on to revisit the Russiagate and foreign electoral influence myth ad nauseam.

Those dim witted Democrats on the committee repeated the mantra
as if held in a spellbound trance whenever "Russiagate" was mentioned.

There was no mention of Israel interference in US elections.

Stating that he had not voted for Trump in 2016, GWU Law Professor Jonathan Turley who is a registered Democrat (as is yours truly) opened with a brilliant statement as he set the tone for an extraordinarily compelling testimony throughout the day, carefully explaining to the Democrats why they had not met a credible legal threshold for impeachment. Factually concise with rational, impartial explanations, Turley effectively disputed Democratic claims that an abuse of power stemming from a presumed effort to help one's own re-election is "inferred" and does not constitute proof of intent or direct knowledge of what was in the President's mind.

House Democrats Vote to Block Consideration of Trump Impeachment

However, it did not appear that any of the Democrats had the acute sensibility to understand Turley's point as there is an edge of lunacy to the collective Democratic mind these days.

What the Democrats fail to grasp is the double-standard
that every politician makes decisions based on what is best for their reelection
just as the Dems are hoping to benefit electorally in 2020 with the farcical impeachment.

After his testimony, Mr. Turley tweeted.

"Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with (death) threatening messages and demands that I be fired from GW."

While it was surprising that there was no Democratic Star on either the Intel or Judiciary Committees who stepped forward to make a credible, cogent case for impeachment,

Roby (R-Ala) asked the defining question regarding
the purpose of the hearing with "no fact witnesses"
via a process that has been
"insufficient, unprecedented and grossly inadequate."

Roby pointed out that the Dems had apparently not considered:
that a constitutional law panel should come
"only after specific charges have been made known
and underlying facts presented in full
due to an exhaustive investigation.

How does anyone expect a panel of law professors to weigh in on legal grounds for impeachment
prior to knowing what the grounds brought by this Committee are going to be?

Pelosi was asked by a reporter
"Do you hate President Trump?"
Pelosi responded with a shaky false piety

"We don't hate anybody.
Not anybody in the World.
And as a Catholic, I resent your using the word 'hate' in a sentence that addresses me.
I don't hate anyone.
I was raised in a way that is full – a heart full of love and always pray for the president,
And I still pray for the president.
I pray for the president all the time,
So don't mess with me when it comes to words like that."

It is a curiosity that with the 2020 election a scant twelve months away,
the Democrats have not made the case for the urgency of why impeachment needs to occur right now,

Democrat's divisive animosity, pitting one American against another.

when the Constitutional law experts were asked by Rep. Matt Gaetz
"Can you identify one single material fact in the Schiff Report?
– all four remained silent.

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