Wednesday, December 18, 2019

impeachment hysteria

From: Ron

Have enjoyed Wayne Jett's interviews on the economy in the past.

There is a certain cornered desperation of the swamp creatures that is manifesting in rage to even be questioned by commoners who Progressives deplore.

Was watching a Democrat constituent question Biden regarding his son's position and noting Hunter had no expertise in oil or the Ukraine. 

Biden immediately flew into a rage and included a scathing personal remark about the man' s heavy weight.

Also noticed Obama's hatchet man Erik Holder attacked AG Barr. 

Barr getting to close to Obama?

I do not think Trump will be removed from office despite threats and peril to Senators. 

Democrats will continue nonstop until Nov.2020. 

They are hoping constituents will vote Democrat because Republicans "failed in their Constitutional duty."

This will not work.

Still wagering a change of venue to the streets.

If there is a 2020 election Trump will win handily.

After 2020 from the ashes of the Dems and Republicans will arise Populists and Communists.

No more masks.

Just my take,


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