Sunday, December 1, 2019

'idiot' Greta Thunberg of 'killing the car show'

Support Greta Thunberg - 
she arrived by sail boat that can circumnavigate the globe without using a drop of oil.
Horse can travel thousands of miles without using a drop of oil.

Jet Set Globalists fly by plane to organize extermination plots against you.
Eliminate planes and you may survive.

Jets inject pollution in the worst places in vast quantities, plane engines huge, burn lots of fuel.
Cars produce massive pollution in every big city and highway.
Tractors pump dirt and chemicals into the air every ag region.

Electric disinformation tracking monitoring 24x365
idiot box TV Radio Phone Game computer 
moron box 
imbecile box
all run on electricity, big coal.

Imports of impure drugs, poisons, toxic cosmetics, clothes, furniture, building materials...
Imports by huge ships burning massive amounts of fuel.

Most of the plots against you can be terminated by reducing oil, coal, gas,…
Electricity is another word for coal.

Jesus walked or rode a donkey.
Muhammed rode a camel.
Genghis Kahn rode a horse.

Half the USA population walked to work 50 years ago.
Cars and planes were not common 100 years ago.
People walked farmed hunted gathered all around the world.
Human body designed for running, walking, hard work in the great outdoors.

Return to traditional healthy diets and lifestyles.
Amish still live that way, horses and mules.
Grow their own food.
Talk instead of watch idiot box.

Terminate the Jet Set trajectory of the last 100 years.

Keep globalists bottled up in their homeland.

From: Lothar 

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