Monday, December 16, 2019

ice storm. $20 per hour. Warren's Wealth Tax | Medical Industrial Complex

Freezing Drizzle all day.
Less than an inch but slick and slippery dangerous streets, sidewalks.

I walked 3 miles to gym on ice outdoors, then
walked 10 miles on machine in gym.
13 miles total.
Indoors has advantages but not as aesthetic as outdoors.

Every day since June 1 have indoor walked 10-15 miles per day and lost 10-15 pounds.
I was slender when I began, now skinny, and pass for a teenager, occasionally, to other teens.

Summer I got tan and passed for a Mexican several times,
Especially when wearing Cabo San Lucas T shirt.
Mexican girls getting friendly.
Now I am getting very pale, no sun, cold dark.

I feel much better with less weight.
Internal organs seem more efficient with less fat around them.
Still have fat, maybe can lose some more next summer.

Still planning to run the Pikes Peak Marathon,
or fall back to Honolulu Marathon, easier.
After a 40 year break from Marathon running, taking it slow and easy getting back.
Long distance running my weakest event due to very dense strong muscles, no circulation, all white meat, fast twitch muscle.
Short distance running my best event.
Weight lifting, speed, strength easy for me although I am almost always out of shape due to too much work.

I was alternating tea and coffee all summer,
then November went all tea.
Today start back with coffee.
Seems I feel better with tea than coffee but coffee is better with spices pumpkin and can get a lot of liquid faster.
Been doing this all my life.
About a third of a time coffee, a third tea, a third milk.
Milk seems the best.
Will probably go all milk next summer and get rid of tea and coffee forever.
Except maybe green tea that is the healthiest.

Las Vegas booming I hear.
$20 per hour entry level Bank job if you can speak english and do basic clerical work and no criminal record.
BofA are having trouble getting employees because of low unemployment so they are paying $20 an hour now.

Economy booming here, signs everywhere,
every employer is looking for employees who can pass a drug test.

Main industry is mental illness and physical illness treatment.
Addicted to drugs, sugar, flour, junk food, TV, Radio, electronics,….

Everything going downhill until sheeple figure out how to tax Rothschild, Soros, globalists correctly.
Losses are beyond trillions.
Into quadrillions or quintillions.
current tax system very unfair.
All economic organization is weaponized against the sheeple who are busy watching TV idiot box and eating junk food drug addiction.

Communist China is manipulating the situation to their benefit.
They are the smartest around and will come out ahead in the long run.
The biggest danger to the Emperor of China is the Chinese people, another revolution.
America may get shot as an innocent bystander,
USA become a puppet state with Korean warlords occupation rulers to enforce law and order,
with Muslims and robots to chop off heads of resisters.

Warren's Wealth Tax is so destructive to the economy and demonstrates that she listens to Thomas Piketty,
the French communist pretend economist.

She wants to impose a 6% tax on billionaires per year.

That means if you lost 20%, you still have to pay 6% of your assets every year to the government to fund her Medicare for All.

This is similar to death taxes or inheritance taxes which destroyed the small farmers.

When the founder died, the government claimed the land was worth a pile of money and then demanded 20% to 40% in taxes.

To pay the tax, they were forced to sell the land.

This is also how small businesses are destroyed.

Nowhere in her proposal is there any reform of the system.

The doctors do not work for the government as in the VA or in countries like Britain.

You cannot keep allowing hospitals and drug companies to charge outrageous prices when there is no competition and this forces insurance costs dramatically higher not to mention the lawyers suing doctors.

When my mother was in the hospital, they refused to release her and kept her in bed for weeks which weakened her.

They would release her only to rehab.

The previous time they sent her to rehab, the doctor changed all her medicine and nearly killed her 2 years before.

When my sister looked in the eyes of the hospital administrator trying to sell rehab again, she asked her if this was your mother, would you do that?

She did not verbally respond but shook her head no ever so slightly.

It was her job to keep the money flowing.

This is the corruption in hospitals – it's all about the money.

Warren simply wants to destroy the economy rather than address corruption in healthcare.

If I were president, I would convert all hospitals to a public institution like utilities.

They would have to go under strict review and seek permission to raise the price of anything right down to toilet paper.

There should be public hospitals created where private industry bids for a license since the government is incapable of managing anything as the VA Scandal demonstrated.

They must be privately operated and foreign doctors who want citizenship should be granted that privilege in return for a work contract there at a reasonable rate for 5 to 10 years.

ONLY when there is competition will prices ever come down.

I will state for the record right now – if Warren becomes president, our operation will leave the United States and I will have to seriously consider resigning my American citizenship.

There would be no point in remaining in the United States for she would really lead to massive civil unrest and guarantee the decline and fall of the United States.

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