Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hundreds Of Billions In Gold And Cash Are Quietly Disappearing

Drugs, Prostitution, Gambling, Music, gasoline, often paid for in Cash.

Addicts seeking dopamine blast (sex drugs rock and roll as the 60s hippies said like that was a good thing).

Hard for cops IRS to track cash or electronic gift cards.

Epstein teen sex ring is not a fluke, but a big part of the economy.

The biggest consumer business near my Kansas farm was a huge Adult porn store, can see many by the highways all over.
Get hit on by pimps when going to grocery stores, hospitals, motel 6,… even in deluxe areas.

Migrants are slaves, prostitutes, … 
forced by jet set globalists companies using vast amounts of coal, oil, fossil fuels electricity.
Driving is not walking.

Go to college or military and see hungry young people eating junk food, corporate fast food,
 that costs more than healthy food cooked at home and requires cash or cards.
Calories without nutrition.

Child care costs more, often paid by cash to illegals, and is worse than taking care of your own children.

Lawn care, cleaning, hotels, cooking, restaurants, often pay slaves in cash, drugs, sex.

Construction of all sorts uses criminals, cash, drugs, sex for payment to get buildings built.
Often not built well, filled with mold, shoddy, will fall apart but who cares all will be dead.
As long as it looks good enough to sell.

You cannot track drugs and sex as easily as cash on which there are statistics.

Go to the Saint Louis Federal Reserve bank website and print out the statistics graph attached https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/WCURCIR

Cash in circulation got worse during Obama depression corruption you can see the trend line.

Now cash has reached 1,800,000,000,000 $ 

Divide that by 100,000,000 low guess approximate number of legal workers.

That is $18,000 dollars of cash has been printed in your name as a working legal citizen.

Obvious purpose is crime enabled by mostly unaccounted for cash transactions.
Vast amount of corruption and moral decadence.  

Inflate criminals.
Deflate law abiding citizens.
Health and wealth deflation leads to death, population replacement.

Your own money has been weaponized to support vices that will ensnare you and your offspring 
and result your replacement by criminals, terrorists, whatever globalists deem needed.

"Wide is the gate that leads to destruction"
"Love of money is the root of all evil"

There are fixes if you study enough accounting, computers, economics,… 
that few study 
go to any college and count heads in classes.
You may not find any quality courses in monetary economics.

If you do not know the mechanics you will not know how to protect yourself.
Cash is king.
Survival of the fittest.

Clearly big schemes afoot designed to separate fools from their money.

From: John 

Take it all out now and bury it deep.


From: Ron

Thanks Lothar.

Good article that got me thinking.

Central banks aren't curious because they "dont want to print too much money to cause inflation" 

As we enter deflation 
some inflation is needed to pay off debts 
with a dollar rising in value against other currencies 
and third world countries defaulting on their dollar denominated debt. 

There is also perhaps $2.5 Quadrillion in approximate total debt worldwide. 

Banks want to know where cash is going because as the repo mkt. problem demonstrates banks are not liquid.

As money is created it is leveraged out by banks say ten times for investment. 

If a bank is not liquid it now has to covers ten times the amount of debt on their portfolio.

Money is pulled out of the overnite repo market to cover that debt.

Btw- Per Jim Willie and Martin Armstrong 
the money injected into the overnite repo market. is $100 billion per night 
not per month

There is an additional $100 billion per month the Fed is using to buy treasuries and thereby monetize the US debt.

That is separate. 

Recently US payment of interest on Federal debt exceeded total military spending.

I suspect if yields on treasuries were not kept low through monetization the US would default on those rising interest rate payments.

Norma's cousin Michael is a banking supervisor in Austin.

Michael admits that negative interest rates will probably hit the US by 11/20.

He says negative rates will be disguised as "handling fees."

This will further push persons to hoard cash.

Banks and broke governments will respond by attempting to enforce a cashless society.

This has not worked well in India under Modi.
Slightly more successful in more affluent Sweden.

When all money goes through a bank 
the bank and government can unilaterally assess and take what they want 
and leave what they think you "need."

In essence after years of interest rates at 5000 year lows the banks will be assessing fees on the public for what the banks feel is due to them from the past. 

Did I mention that banker Michael's new hobby over the past year is nonstop building of AR type rifles?



From: Lothar 


But it's not just gold that is disappearing: according to the WSJ, so is the world's cold, hard cash. 

Some Australians are burying it. 
The Swiss might be hiding it. 
The Germans are probably hoarding.

Indeed, while banks are printing more bank notes than ever  
these seem to be "disappearing off the face of the earth" 
nobody knows where or why. 

"central banks don't know where they have gone, or why, and are playing detective, trying to crack the same mystery."

We do know one thing: of the $1.7 trillion in US dollars in cash circulation in 2018 
(up from $1.2 trillion 5 years prior), 
the vast majority is offshore, 
where it is quickly and quietly disappears as the world's second best physical store of value 
(after gold of course). 

A Fed economist, Ruth Judson, wrote in 2017 that about 60% of all U.S. currency, 
and about 75% of $100 bills, 
had left the country by the end of 2016 — for a total of about $900 billion in U.S. dollars kept overseas. 

Socking those bills away "provides some protection against economic turmoil, especially in countries with a record of instability in their own financial systems"

Take Australia: there the stock of Australian bank notes on issue relative to the size of the economy is near the highest it has been in 50 years, 
said Philip Lowe, governor of Australia's central bank: 
"He showed off newly printed bank notes to diners at a recent event in Melbourne and estimated that 
about $2,000 in printed bills exists for every Australian." 

And just to inspire confidence in his own job, he added: 

"I, for one, don't have anywhere near that amount" on hand.
 In a few years, 
he will wish he did.

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