Wednesday, December 18, 2019

"How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary" on YouTube

From: Lothar 

This is a leftist propaganda video from Germany (DW] Deutsche Welle !

They try to brainwash us into dumping our President !

I was waiting for the came halfway through the video [22:57] Trump the cruel and evil etc.
 trying to take the food stamps from the poor
, to cause more misery etc.
It's all propaganda !

Nobody is going to starve in this country of plenty ! 
We throw away half the food !

Even Illegals get everything for free !

DW wants to influence....manipulate the people 
[the left, socialist German puppets of the deep state] 
not to vote [again] for Trump in 2020. 

That is why this video was made ! 

They NEVER mentioned that all the places they show, [DW] like California, Virginia …
are places all run by the Socialist Democrats. 

Socialist States. 
(running us into the ground...soon we run out of other peoples money)

Once we are bankrupt...then we beg [Government] Newsom to rescue us and take over our lives. 

Please make us 100% dependent, 

please enslave us we are willing to give you 60% of our income. 

Give us free medical etc.

Newsom would love to totally enslave us,
 like Europe or China.

End of the video....Statement...Trump is failing [THE MESSAGE] getting people out of poverty. 

Hardly any poverty in Republican run States ! 

How come ?

PROPAGANDA against Trump ! 

Deep State Globalists and their lackeys want us as enslaved as they are !

They hate our FREEDOM/
Constitution our RIGHTS, our Independence !

Britain woke up just in time ! (Brexit)

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