Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Civil war starting as impeach. Fwd: Dave Hodges video

All hell breaking lose.
Devious Democrat impeachment scam.
Attempt to discredit Trump 2020 win in advance.
Due to foreign manipulation of elections???!!!
Crazy, Sleaze ball slippery snake shifty Schiff plot.
I did not vote for Trump because of the Russians or Ukraine or any foreign reason.
A wall and ban on Muslims is enough to vote for Trump.
Lying liberal news media dislike of Trump is another reason to vote for Trump.

Volunteer to count votes at your county clerks office. 
Move to DC 
defend the president, 
drain the swamp, 
get paid for writing books on what you see, take pictures, become a pundit, get rich.

I have seen much with my own eyes in Missouri
I saw Communist China regular military troops about a year ago in training,
Disguised as lawn care, cleanup crew.
2 blocks from my last apartment, middle of the large city 
nearest demographic center of USA 48 states.
Amazing precise athletic motions overseen by platoon leader with baton instructing motions.
Athletic energetic youthful all males in the distinctive conical hats and antique sheet cloaks.
I lived decades in San Francisco Bay area inside of and in close contact with all varieties of Chinamen.
Never saw anything like it, 
so shocking I almost hit the brakes to stop in the middle of the street to watch.

Clearly preparation for China invasion occupation surveillance and getting paid $ for it.
Have seen 50 miles south in remote hillbilly areas large houses purchased by Chinese 
with tall slender chinamen endlessly practicing martial arts very well 
some are circus acrobats performers.
2000 Chinese in the local university mostly large overfed goons spoiled brats on scholarships or something.
2000 Saudis 1 I saw yesterday numerous times in gym looked just like the Pensacola shooter.
Muslims will be used as ground troops by China to chop your head off before they are disposed of as well.

Never get in a ground war with China.  
1/3 of world population ethnic Chinese or with allegiance to China regarded as the "mother country" of all asians even Korea and Japan enemies.

California professions dominated by Chinese, 
most of USA takeover well underway, along with Canada, Australia, etc.
Go into colleges, courts, hospitals, companies, banks,… study corporate boards, lists of professionals learn surnames…. easy to investigate.
This has been going on for thousands of years and much of SE Asia upper classes racially Chinese.

As I said circa 1980 if we move millions of Mexicans into California then the state will take on the character of Mexico 
and the news is clear what is going on down there 
if you lack contacts and info as to why Mexicans want out of Mexico.
I Heard all kinds of reports about marijuana in mountains remote areas farmed by Mexicans.
About the time I heard Los Angeles being called the only third world city in North America.
Then 1990 the Chinese invasion became visible as I walked all over San Francisco.
Had to get out by 1994, tried east bay and Tahoe, Humboldt, etc.
2000s environmental devastation by marijuana, 
dead bodies constantly being discovered but most just disappeared.
Dead teenagers hard to get them out of high school alive 
same phenomenon in Missouri + Ozarks 100% addiction rate in the small towns for those under age 30.
Overdose, electronics addiction, junk food all work together 
for addiction depopulation
Addiction begins before birth if mother eats sugar, and damage from laptop electronic pollution.

Never watch TV electronic disinformation, 
go into the world and study the people there, 
not at all like disinformation media.

From: Ron

Stage 1-Infiltrate and undermine

Has been underway for decades.
Rowe v Wade could be considered a hallmark case in cracking the Judeo- Christian underpinnings of the US republic.
The Founders not necessarily Christian were Deists believing in a higher God and preservation of innocent life.

Progressive Federal Dept. Of Education is not provided for under the Constitution.
Under the Welfare Clause education is a state matter. 
Education now culminating in nonsense such as 97 genders is mocking moral foundations of the country.

Whether 96 or 97 genders is not a serious issue.
Debating how many angels on the head of a pin. 
Simply to ridicule existing order and create chaos,
doubt and moral relativism especially among young snowflake millenials.

Stage 1 in sum is carpet bombing the US before an outright attack.

Has worked.
drugged, and 
alcoholic Americans with no moral compass.
Vaccines containing mercury and squalene ,
cellular radiation including rollout of 5G promoting tumors in lab animals. 
Frankenfood, GMOs etc. etc.

Stage 2 False flags- 
Similar to embedded resistance fighters in WW2 beginning sabotage attacks prior to an external enemy attacking such as with the Normandy landings.
This will rapidly increase in 2020.

The Las Vegas concert attack was a false flag.
I listened to three hours of dispatcher audio recordings and interviews with concert goers 
(provided by the late Bob Bartch with NSA contacts)
Multiple shooters,
multiple shooting locations,
multiple calibers.

The immediate goal here is a pretext for legislation at state and federal levels to disarm Americans.

The El Paso mall shootings were originally reported before 10AM CST by the local El Paso TV channel as multiple shooters.
Local police reported a gang shoot out.
Went into great detail.
Mall security footage showed at least one Hispanic male with a gun.
By the end of the day it was a single white supremacist.

Saudi military attacks in Pensacola Florida.
FBI supposedly looking for ten additional Saudis in addition to the dead shooter and six others arrested.
 Where is base security? 
Well planned event. 
Perpetrator had arranged an event party.
Follower of Bin Laden.

Entire Southern border permeability supported and spearheaded by Democratic controlled Congress and Progressive groups especially so called Reconquista organizations.
Everyone who supports borders is a racist.
DEA sources report cartels have all the nonnuclear weapons available to nations with the exception of jet fighters. 
Equipment is located beginning a couple blocks south of the border.
Border Patrol had their heavy machine guns removed by Atty. Gen. Janet Reno.
Judicial Watch publicized a training camp for Muslim Terrorists and Zetas just 8 miles south of the Texas border.

Cartel members in all fifty states per James Comey.
(only fact he may have been truthful about.)
Sinaloa Cartel runs MJ growing in Northern California 
with blessing by the Newsome Administration per DHS sources.

Chinese have presence in Central America and California.
Chinese also operate with the Cartels per DHS and DEA sources.
Port of Long Beach 99 year contract with Chinese military owned company. 

Lease agreement nixed by Trump for national security reasons a couple of mos ago.
California has their own agreement with China going back to the 1990s.
In 1997 a Costco ship at Long Beach was busted by Feds for 30,000 fully automatic AK47 rifles.

Feinstein's embedded Chinese driver/
asst. for 25 years was a Chicom spy.
Completely dropped off the radar.

Stage 3 Civil War-Progressives (Communists) themselves lack the ability to win a hot civil war.

Most gun owners, vets, active military, and cops voted for Trump and support may have even increased since 2016. 
Progressives require a proxy force.

Most Democrat Progressives including men despise guns and shun law enforcement or military service.

The purpose of starting a shooting war is to activate UN forces under Kilgali principles whereby the UN unilaterally intervenes without  permission from the executive branch or any gov. of the occupied country
Progressive politicians in Chicago,
a Progressive Police chief in Portland, 
and others have spoken of bringing in the UN or some "external force" despite the availability of the state or national guard. 

Mexican President AMLO has brought up the idea of UN forces on the US/ Mexican border.

Stage 4 
a Red Dawn style invasion-UN troops and other Globalist/
Soros funded groups are actually activated.
Primarily Chinese UN troops.
Assist from Antifa, 
Black Lives Matter.
Some Antifa members now getting light weapons training in Mexico per DHS sources.
Border Patrol is only issued light weapons.
Border is undermanned.

Am frequently at the Texas/
Mexico border.
One agent waving vehicles on wearing a pistol. 
Multiple reports for at least ten years of Russian and Chinese troops training in the US.Saudi troops in the US recently highlighted.

Stage 5
 lockdown/ martial law.
Beto ORourke-
Going door to door.
Taking guns.
Executing owners.
FEMA camps.
FEMA paper a few years ago detailed turning camps over to foreign troops having less or no sympathy for Americans. 

Obama friend and mentor Bill Ayers admitted to FBI informant Larry Graitwohl about 
30% of Americans would need to be executed 
because they would not be suitable for reeducation.
(About 110 million).

Stage 6 
globalist controlled US government. 
Similar to the EU. 
A puppet President taking orders from a corporate board that cannot be voted out of power.
Similar to the TransPacific Partnership that Trump nixed.
Perhaps a Constitutional Convention Soviet style like the current impeachment hearings. 
Individual liberties must give way for the common good of humanity.
Big city Progressives will welcome foreign troops. 
to allow them to return to normalcy.

Defeat and control Deplorables in flyover country.


Here is another,  a bit longer,  video by Dave Hodges. 

The issues he discusses regarding globalist plans to take down the USA are quite provocative and alarming. 

Should you have the spare time to view this 27 minute video, 
I would be most interested in your response and comments.

Thank you.


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