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From: Ron

When I was in the Special Agent academy in 1988 

nurse / lecturer advised taking beta carotene for eyesight at night 
(precursor to Vitamin A.).

Have always had good night vision.

Enjoy driving at night

If one takes beneficial supplements buy in bulk now with availability and a strong dollar.

Have since age 20 taken approximately 5000mg abscorbic acid per day.

Recently purchased 10 pounds USP granulated ascorbic acid from "Bulk Supplements" in Arizona for $42.50 including shipping.


joe wrote:
I stir canned pumpkin into coffee.
Bright yellow beta carotene helps eyesight and brain.
Found in carrots, pumpkin, squash,….

Berries and raisins also are good for vision and brain.
I stir into oats with nuts that are also very healthy.
Nuts in the shell are best but harder to find.
Peanuts are high in leucine the main body building protein also found in Whey.

The retina is part of the brain.
Eye doctors can spot some neurological problems by looking at the retina.
Shaw Yorizane in Fresno was good Bulldog Lane Fresno State University, Japanese natural.

I agree Windows 10 is a big mess.
I have not gotten any work done with it.
I deleted many apps, but afraid to delete others may be needed or the machine may crash permanently.
I guess I set up a Microsoft account to get started, that I do not want.

I have not figured out "OneDrive" or what to do with it.
Similarly "DropBox" is probably not needed.
These are "cloud" applications - your files disappear into the internet somewhere.
Huge diesel generators run big disk drives sucking up all the data in the world.
I suspect Communist China is getting all your files,
and are scheming to take over all the world infrastructure.

China has taken over much food, drugs, clothes, building materials,….
China makes most computer components, phones, electronics, TVs etc.
Recording faces, geo-locating all the sheeple,
planning negro slavery, mass executions, prostitution, human trafficking,…
WWIII already over?

I rarely get online nowadays bad news everywhere.

I immediately unplug the ethernet cable when done using the internet.
I mostly use my old Apple iMac that is safer and easier than my new HP Microsoft Windows 10.
Phones I keep turned off or in airplane safe mode when not in use.
Locked in steel box beneath oven in kitchen under steel pots and pans.

Everything started getting weaponized Bill Clinton Walmart Arkansas 1992 China global trade.
Asia was a 3rd world slum, how did they get rich? destroy USA!

Computers were fast, efficient until then.
During 90s was not too bad.
Windows 95 first disaster from Microsoft.
Tried to copy Apple Mac 1998 but worse.
But since 2000 MS-windows has been getting worse and worse.
Apple was the original sin, but Apple is a simpler device than Microsoft who sells to deep state, deep companies, gamers, porn, everything….

Apple tends to be safer, and more expensive better hardware.

Linux is safer yet and free, if one does the work to use.  Hard.
I have used UNIX since 1979 and Linux is a clone of UNIX. 
So easier for me than Apple or Microsoft.

For most people I recommend Google Chromebook and Google email gmail.
Chrome is Linux.
Android is Linux.
The cloud is Linux.

I got a $111 Chromebook from
It works fine for banking and internet logins.
It constantly keeps itself up to date in the background.

The reason for Chromebook security is simplicity.
Linux is simple
Chromebook does not do anything except internet.

So for programming, word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, games,…. 
Non-Internet Microsoft and Apple are better.

I wish I kept my old steel typewriter and slide rule.
I am going back to books mostly.
Write notes with pencil and paper.
Read newspaper while walking in a safe gym.

I see transgender freaks wandering all over town staring at their phones.
Occasionally they get hit by cars.
Brains fried by phones.
Tablets are safer.

Technology is a Communist Conspiracy.
Get sheeple addicted to electronics made in Communist China.
Blow their minds.
Auditory cancer is common from cell phones stuck on ears.
Many bad effects from electronics.

I was feeling sick in Boston 1970s sitting next to supercomputer diesel generators for years blasted by electronics.
Why I moved back to California.
Took 2 years to recover.

Electronics dangers are real.
Addiction is real.
Hollywood is far left wing from 60s liberal drugs, rock and roll, etc.

Ads are a danger too, before then, yellow journalism, spanish american war?  conspiracy?  newspapers Hearst ???


Hi Joe:
Windows 10 is not only frustrating with the updates,
but also trying to save files in the computer.

Keeps going to a file called "OneDrive" without you doing a damned thing.

Drives me nuts.

The whole system needs to be scrapped, in my opinion.


A big problem on windows 10 is updates.
It constantly updates itself.
Every day it seems like.
I got a fast network, but it still takes time.
Lots of popups complaining to me.
Have to go in a set time for updates.

Updates mean the software is buggy.
Lots of bugs that need patching.
Really infuriating.

I have used Thumb drives over 10 years.
I carry one with me at all times.
One lasted 10 years.

Then got some bigger ones as time goes buy.
Can use for mini backups,
or file movement between computers.

I get on computers at college and sometimes see something interesting worth saving.
News items.
Journal articles, etc.

I keep my best contacts listing on a file.
Hard for Russians to find.
If you put contacts on your contacts software
then Russians and Communists will get it immediately.
Or criminals.

Windows bugs are a symptom that it is
vulnerable to attack.

Why it has to update itself so much.

I am trying to figure out ways around this mess.
Such as Linux Unix.

Will write a book on it.


Hi Joe:

I was surprised that I was able to copy all of my addresses from my address  book on Outlook in Windows XP,

transfer them to a thumb drive,

and then paste them into a file in Windows 10 on my new computer.

They evidently  designed that into the system.

It has a ".wed" file name that is recognized in Windows 10 and automatically transfers it to "Windows Contacts" under your name file.

That was about the only thing easy in the whole program.

Am  still learning.

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