Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Accounting is not done. humanitarians such as Obama"

Good research if true.
Hard to verify because accounting is not done, ancestry is hidden, family records not kept on conspirators, just You.

It is clear to me that vast corrupt fiat money flowing all around the world
especially since Bill Clinton administration
that has stolen quadrillion or quintillion dollars of wealth.

Before fiat money was untraceable gold flowing around the world.
British Monarchy Empire that ruined countries around the world.
and the Roman Catholic Vatican globalist Spanish speaking empire
that ruined south and central Americas
and stolen much wealth around the world.

It may be the Red Emperor of Communist China now that is most benefitting,
with many co-conspirators that cannot be traced without proper accounting,
probably including British and Vatican and USA politicians of both parties why they are conspiring to hide corruption in Ukraine - no accounting.
Without accounting nobody will know.

Quote "running a CIA front operation bank in Hawaii
whose function was to disburse funds
( bribes ) to everyone in the Eastern hemisphere who was on CIA's payroll."

From: GM


Just an addendum follows.

BO ( Barack Obama ) before entering politics was a CIA operative spying on the Nation of Islam and black criminal gangs in Chicago while using "community activist" as a cover.

BO's biological father was Frank Davis ,
an American born African American who was a known Communist activist .

This is congruent with BO having been backed financially into politics by well to do Chicago Jews.

BO's biological mother was a career CIA officer ( PhD Anthropology ) who had a hand in an Indonesia regime change/ overthrow in the 1960's.

BO's purported father from East Africa was a CIA agent whose primary mission was identifying Communists in East Africa.

BO's maternal grandmother was a career CIA officer who's primary mission was
running a CIA front operation bank in Hawaii
and whose function was to disburse funds
( bribes ) to everyone in the Eastern hemisphere who was on CIA's payroll.

BO's maternal grandfather was a US intelligence operative who operated in the Middle East before the CIA was established.

BO was our humanitarian in charge of drone strikes, wars, mass killings, and corruption.


On Monday, December 16, 2019, , Ron

I spoke with my wealthy elderly aunt last night.

The matriarch of a billionaire Progressive Boston based family.

Armenian daughter married to Jewish hedge fund operator.

She implored me to read the NYtimes bestseller "Educated."

This book is the female author telling how she belonged to a constricting Morman family.

She called them White Supremacists.

They "didnt trust the government and kept lots of guns.

"Mormons were "stupid because they stored and prepped."

This author later got a scholarship to Cornell.

She became "educated" and "embraced humanitarians such as Obama."

I no longer bother to argue or debate and
needless to mention did not get the book.


On Sun, Dec 15, 2019, 11:25 PM Lothar


When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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