Sunday, November 10, 2019

Vitamin D3 Communist China

I had problems with vitamin pills over the years, some serious.
Impurities are hard to avoid.
It is hard to make a good vitamin pill.
Some pills may be deliberately poisoned or adulterated.
All pills have bindings, colorings, flavorings, chemicals added that have no good reason to be in a vitamin pill.
Single ingredient powders are better.

Pills were better 30 years ago before Bill Clinton Walmart Communist China took over the supply chain - food, drugs, vitamins, supplements, flavorings, colorings, preservatives,...
Best pill companies went bankrupt, disappeared from the market.
I quit vitamin pills altogether in 2003 after a very bad experience.

I have started back vitamin pills and found some ok USA brands at Target and health food stores.
I checked Walmart and could not find a single acceptable pill.
I started using health food stores in April 1968 got 1 pound brewers yeast corner College and University Avenue in San Diego.

Many foods are loaded with vitamins.

Vitamin D, very important in the midwest rainy cloudy summers and long dark winters - not enough sunshine.
I need about 1000 in the summer, 2000 per day in the winter.
Can really feel the difference.

Almost everybody is deficient in Vitamin D.
Your skin is a solar panel that makes Vitamin D and other good chemicals.
Modern people live, work, indoors during the day and do not get enough sun.

Powdered Vitamin C I can adjust dose to optimize, need about 300 depending on stress, exercise,…
Should be taken with Magnesium according to Linus Pauling and others.
Some foods are preserved with Vitamin C as a healthy alternative to Salt.
Both powders fairly cheap, I use Magnesium Citrate
Most people are deficient in Magnesium due to poor soil quality overfarming cheap processed foods.
I can feel when I am deficient in Magnesium or Vitamin C.

From: Ron

Careful what brand supplements you take.

Two years ago I took 15000 IU Nature Bounty D3
USP inspected.
US made.

D3 level was 113.

Began taking 15000 IU Puritan Pride D3 (Chinese made) one year ago.

No other differences.

Current D3 level is 30 mg/nl blood level.


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