Monday, November 25, 2019

Tenured Radicals, communist takeover USA. Free Speech Professor Indiana University

I go online less and less 
I have more time to think back and examine motivations of people 
I have known and how the current mess developed.

There must be a vast left wing conspiracy of radical liberal destructive forces trying to destroy conservative American values, and take over the whole continent.

I can remember the 1960s draft dodger, hippie, drugs, and beginnings of the sexual revolution that is worse today.
Liberals have risen to position of power.
Tenured Radicals many got rich and powerful.
spiked pension and corrupt administrators got rich.
For nothing, no social benefit.
Only constant destruction, liberalization, increasing dysfunction.

They fire persons of merit.
They hire persons of color and liberal values.
Highly discriminatory.

Speech codes suppress alternative voices on campus and everywhere.
Thousands of Black Muslims and Communist Chinese at the local university in the heartland.
Act like big shots, like they own the place,

Science is being suppressed by referees and funding.
Fake Science, Fake News, politically correct science is encouraged, funded.
Vast system of Journals, libraries, books, blogs, online sites that are often expensive and designed to encourage politically correct science and block free speech.
Corrupt managers get paid a lot to control communications.

It is not just universities.
Corporations, Banks, Governments, the money supply, funding, 
All have all been hijacked by crooks trying to destroy the USA economy and take over the whole continent.
I suspect Communist China and Russia are behind the conspiracy, but it is very wide ranging, many co-conspirators.

it is not just communications.
Active extermination conspiracies.
Many products are toxic by design or have dangerous impurities.
Mostly made overseas overseen by probably China, Russia, or co-conspirators.

It is hard to get a handle on all that is going on.
I look at some news, papers, online, etc.
If I move closer to a top business / engineering / medical college I would be able to track what the schemers are doing and who is doing the scheming.
Attend seminars, talk around, etc.

There is some resistance to the conspiracies and I may be able to make some contacts.
Such as at 


Hi Joe:

This sure isn't the way here 

For 17 years, I had to keep my conservative opinions to myself as I watched liberal corruption ruin this university. 

Everything from Affirmative Action to over-riding  conservative votes on committees was the norm. 

I even go to the extent to accuse them of murder.

It was the stress and strain that finally did in the health of 

He tried so hard to vent our conservative life style here, 
only to be harrassed and denied classes, 
even to the extent of threatening to fire him, 
only to die a broken man.  

The culprit and evil liberal corrupt administration was from the university president on down.

From what I understand, the place hasn't changed much.

Midwest has some common sense and law abiding.

Professors have freedom of speech and can keep their jobs.

Kelley School of Business
Indiana University

Indiana U. says can't fire professor over his 'racist, sexist, and homophobic' views 

The university provost said she condemns "in the strongest terms, 
Professor Rasmusen's views on race, gender, and sexuality," 
but that is not a reason to violate the Constitution.

An Indiana University professor blasted by his employer for "sexist, racist, and homophobic" views
penned a lengthy response to detractors, 
reiterating his notions that gay men should not be K-12 teachers 
and that women could indeed be "sluts."

Eric Rasmusen, a 60-year-old business and economics professor at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business,

created a web page to respond to what he called 
"the 2019 kerfuffle in which the Woke crowd discovered" 
his social media posts and other comments.

He also responds directly to the university's executive vice president and provost, Lauren Robel, 
who earlier this week slammed his views 
while also saying they constitute free speech protected by the First Amendment.

"Professor Eric Rasmusen has, for many years, used his private social media accounts to disseminate his racist, sexist, and homophobic views," 

Robel said in her statement. 
"I condemn, in the strongest terms, Professor Rasmusen's views on race, gender, and sexuality,
and I think others should condemn them."

But she said that "is not a reason for Indiana University to violate the Constitution of the United States."

Kelley School of Business Dean Idie Kesner also posted an open letter to students and staff, 
criticizing Rasmusen but defending the school's stance:
"While many have called for the professor's dismissal, 
there are legal reasons why the University cannot dismiss him over his postings. 

Like all of us, Professor Rasmusen has First Amendment rights."

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