Friday, November 22, 2019

survival, medical. Best 5-star VA hospitals?

You will die from a medical condition probably decades too soon.
Survival requires good medical in addition to diet, exercise, lifestyle, latitude, longitude, altitude, zip code,….

VA is better because VA tends to under-treat to save tax money needed for corruption, Veterans underfunded generally.
Civilian is worse - tends to over-treat to get rich, you pay and taxpayers pay for the mess.
Medicare Advantage the worst because it locks you into a network highly advertised on TV idiot box.
HMO plans also lock you in, many insurance plans.

You need to be free, to flee, travel to the best people for your particular needs, weaknesses,...
Massive carnage due to bad medical, malpractice, wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment, drugs made in Communist China,….

Location is key - move to the best before the need occurs.
Best medical usually found in colder weather 
with whitest people 
and the best universities 
and the best educational systems overall,
that also have the best social culture for survival generation after generation.

Many top rated 5 star VA hospitals are found in remote areas such as
Iron Mountain Michigan mostly Finnish people 
between the two largest fresh water great lakes in the world 
forests inhabited by Moose, Elk, Deer, Wolves,…

Best civilian is Mayo Clinic nearby in Minnesota rural agricultural area populated by Swedish and Norwegians.  
Most of the other best civilian medical are in large cities, 
some an oasis in bad areas in those large cities,
others are plush suburbs top quality of life.
Reading the personal experiences in this article am reminded of the book "One Second After."
Should be required reading for those wishing to survive emergencies.
Also understand Governor Newsom's $3.5 million mansion is now complete.


2018 ranking

five-star VA hospitals:

North Carolina      Asheville, N.C. VA Medical Center

New York              Bath N.Y. VA Medical Center

Massachusetts     Bedford, Massachusetts Memorial Veterans Hospital

Pennsylvania        Butler Pennsylvania Healthcare 

Ohio                      Cincinnati VA Medical Center

Ohio                      Cleveland VA Medical Center

Pennsylvania        Coatesville Pennsylvania Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Connecticut          West Haven Connecticut Healthcare System 

Pennsylvania        Erie Pennsylvania VA Medical Center

South Dakota        Hot Springs, S.D.  Black Hills Health Care System 

Michigan                Iron Mountain, Michigan. VA Medical Center 

Pennsylvania         Lebanon Pennsylvania VA Medical Center

Wisconsin              Madison Wisconsin Memorial Veterans Hospital 

Massachusetts      Leeds Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System

Michigan                Saginaw Michigan VA Medical Center

Virginia                  Salem Virginia VA Medical Center

Minnesota              St. Cloud Minnesota VA Health Care System

Maine                    Augusta, Maine VA Healthcare System-Togus

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