Thursday, November 21, 2019

suicide, homicide? Debbie Life Insurance $1,000,000 alimony?

We will never know and there is no way to find out.
I suspect she was murdered.
For life insurance, 
or to get rid of Alimony payments,
remarry younger woman.

Debbie's deluxe German Jew Lawyer in Beverly Hills told me all about the Middle East Jews.
They marry Americans to get American citizenship, produce anchor babies.
They go into construction because it is easy to get huge cash kickbacks from subcontractors without paying taxes.
They hide that cash in Middle East banks and become very rich
1. because fancy houses in Los Angeles cost so much.
2. Vain Hollywood movie many stars have huge $ for top quality construction.
2. So much construction in California easy to carve out a niche with crooks and get rich.
(Branson MO also attracted in many Iranians getting rich).
Much of that construction is junk but looks good for a while so as to rip off idiot stars. 
Then fix up again and rip off again.

The IRS can't catch them because all the paperwork looks legal,
just huge amounts of money disappeared into offshore banks and corporations.
It is all accounting.
Well known tricks taught in all colleges.

Rich crooks have ways of getting rid of spouses when they are done with them, ready to move on to fancier younger women.
Old spouses: Drugs, sugar, cancer, do themselves in.
Suicide, overdoses, if that does not work.
Opioids carFentanyl a tiny speck can kill, so put it on her car doorknob and she is a goner.
Many bad drugs easy to go psychotic or kill somebody with.
The cops and coroners are corrupt and can be bought.
Everybody knows where are security cameras are and how to push people off without getting caught.

Move to Kansas with small alimony or a job would be the safest option.
Should have stayed somewhere far from California.
She looks like Native American Indian Sioux
does not fit into Jew society, middle east, crooked liberal Hollywood.
I could not believe the little middle east neighborhood she lived in and hated.

She smoked and ate junk food and watched TV and drove and shopped too much 
All major addictions dopamine spurts that fries the brain.
Psychoactive drugs on top of that, so brain cannot be rational.
Must think and make good decisions to survive.
Run for your life.  Grow the brain.

I gave her money in 2001
That is the last I heard from her.
I expected her to ask me to help her to move to Wichita.
But request never came.  
So I moved to Humboldt.
I like the weather up there, clean air, trees but too many pot smoker lunatic left wing hippies.
Oregon probably too rainy, moldy. 
I was thinking about moving back to San Diego or Oregon to better monitor family affairs, etc.
But now Vicky's brain is fried by chemo and pain and illness.
Not sure who I could find and interact with or help.
I can't do anything about LA 20 years ago.
But I am working on some fantastical mathematical ideas and writing several books.

Iranian Jews are the worst, why Jews are so hated in Iran.

Also Ukrainian Jews are villains 
impeach and obstruct the president.

Jews should move to Israel.
Iranians should move to Iran.
Americans should stay in America and not burn fossil fuels jetting around the world.
Walk like most did 100 years ago, or all did 200 years ago.
Read books in the sun, no electricity needed.

From: The Traveling Lady 

Debra's mother told me she looked at Jacobs passport and he was Iranian.  
How you prove any of this I have no idea.
 And if you prove any of it you may be next!

How do you find out?  
Brother in law wrote her meds years ago.  
I'm my theory is maybe pushed or overmedicated.  
She loved Nikki so much that I know she would never jump. 
Nicki was her whole life. 
I don't know how anybody could have done any of that to her because they knew Nicki loved her mom also so they hurt Nikki too. 


We may never find out what happened to Debbie.
It's sad.
Someone could hire detective to investigate.


On Mon, Nov 18, 2019 joe wrote:
I wonder if somebody had a million dollar life insurance policy on her.

Why she was pushed or suicided.

I wonder if any way to find out.

Study of true crime indicates greedy family members often guilty.
Cops, investigators look at such
but may miss some things.
Can be foreign life insurance companies.
Persons with assets.

Some people have more liabilities than assets.

I got a TV about a year ago.
True crime about the only thing watchable.
Maybe 15 minutes of news in AM and PM.
Can't get weather channel at my new apartment.

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