Friday, November 15, 2019

Saving America From The Kingmakers Cabal by Wayne Jett

He also has a $25 book for sale on his website so you can read it without being tracked.
Looks like a quality production as he was trained as an engineer and did technical writing.
Book manufacturing is as hard as book writing if you demand quality.
Must deal with vendors and professionals to get each aspect done right.

Jett is a Los Angeles lawyer from Oklahoma.

University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Science General Engineering
1960 – 1965
Activities and Societies: Sigma Tau;
Tau Beta Pi Technical Writer

Wayne Jett has great videos on YouTube as well


Upon my completion of the manuscript of The Fruits of Graft,
in order to maintain discretionary control of design, production and distribution of the work,
Classical Capital LLC formed a publishing division to manage publication.

The date of publication was advanced by at least nine months, hardbound, library-quality (Smythe sewn) binding was used rather than paperback,
best-of-breed professionals provided designs of cover and interior, indexing, production management, printing, binding, e-book production, and distribution.

The excellent product matched the importance of the historical and economic content.

Wayne Jett:

Saving America from the Kingmakers Cabal – Public Intelligence Blog

Since colonial times,
and particularly since 1900,
America has been targeted and wounded by a global cabal of kingmakers who have gathered great wealth and power.

That cabal's objective has been to weaken and destroy national governments in order to rule by global dictatorship.

Another objective is to destroy the self-sufficient middle class and

return to the two-class society of rulers and slaves,

with a sharply reduced population of their choosing.

President Donald Trump won election to lead America in a counter-assault to defeat and destroy the kingmakers cabal.

This is the battle underway presently.

Clearly the cabal has many operatives and acolytes within the U. S. government.

That is why the Democrat party controlling the U. S. House of Representatives is attempting to find a sufficient basis – any pretext – to remove President Trump from office,
even denying him basic constitutional rights in the process.

Be hopeful, informed and prepared.
The cabal's operatives will fail.
The counter-assault to free America from this scourge will be victorious.

In The Fruits of Graft,

Americans and others for the first time could read clearly stated historical facts

proving that the Great Depression was imposed on America and the world by deliberate acts of U. S. government officials,

specifically including Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt,

in collusion with a powerful global cabal of kingmakers.

The Fruits of Graft further details:

• the same cabal's ownership of the "too big to fail" Wall Street banks, which gives the cabal control of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Fed itself;

• how the Securities & Exchange Commission was designed in 1934 to shield these and other large financial institutions from prosecution for financial fraud;

• how the Fed sets overnight interest rates so Wall Street banks can follow suit without violating antitrust laws;

• how the Fed set up the Tech Crash of 2000-2002 by secretly and intentionally creating monetary deflation during 1997-2002;

• how Goldman Sachs allowed its hedge fund clients to sell shares "naked short" throughout the Tech Crash and was fined only $7 million by the SEC;

• and how the "financial terrorism" of 2008 resulted not from "too many bad mortgages" but from fraudulent conspiracies to destroy two big Wall Street banks (Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers) plus multiple other major financial institutions (including Washington Mutual, IndyMac, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) by using naked short selling of corporate shares, plus financial derivatives and a rigged market index to destroy market prices of mortgage-backed securities for the immense profit of the remaining financial operatives of the kingmakers cabal.

For example, the annual report for J. P. Morgan Chase announced 2008 was the giant bank's best year ever.

The Unmistakable Fact

At its conclusion, The Fruits of Graft (p. 538) relates the "unmistakable fact" that this kingmakers cabal and their collaborators are waging war against all other Americans.

Related questions still at issue in 2011 were whether Americans under attack would ever defend themselves effectively and, if so, who would prevail.

Almost too good to be true, only eight years later, we are able to state an unequivocal "yes" on the first of these questions, and indications to date are quite positive on the second.

The White Hat Intervention

In 2015, Donald Trump stepped forward to lead the counter-offensive against the kingmakers cabal.

Wisely, he chose first to gain use of America's constitutional structure of laws by seeking and winning election as U. S. president.

One year later, Trump won the presidency despite wholesale opposition by cabal-controlled propaganda media and multiple attempts of voter fraud on behalf of his opponent, some of which were successful in shifting electoral votes.

This is the historical context within which the political turmoil enveloping the Trump presidency must be examined and understood.

Acting principally without public fanfare, President Trump has mounted a comprehensive counterassault against the kingmakers cabal and its operatives worldwide.

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