Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Medicare supplement State Farm $2835 annual, walk in offices

I am looking to go with State Farm due to nationwide walk-in offices.

$2835 annual Medicare supplement Part F (Part G is disappearing 2020).

Medicare advantage should be called
Medicare disadvantage
because it locks you into a list of providers.

Although my current medicare advantage plan costs 0 and gives gyms, dental, vision free and my network is fairly good but not the best.

Medicare supplements cost more
but you can go to any doctor that accepts Medicare.
Not locked into a network.

In case I need a doctor I want flexibility to go to the best in USA anywhere.

I avoid doctors like a plague.
Fix problems myself when possible.
Diet, exercise.

For 7 years now I have been getting annual physical exam and eye exam.

VA is better because they under-treat due to lack of $
those $ stolen by globalists.

Medicare and civilian doctors are worse because they over-treat to make more $.
The sicker you get the more money they get.

Government stupidity and corruption.

Texas Houston and Dallas have good medical But not as plentiful as Saint Louis Minnesota Massachusetts East Coast or even California.

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