Thursday, November 28, 2019

Globalists vs Climate Change Activists

Become a Climate Change Activist.
Defeat globalists at their own game.

Stop the robot, drone, invasions…. illegals, machines, poisons, banks, ….

The conspiracies against you run on energy: coal, oil, fossil fuels, etc.
Globalism requires vast amounts of energy, 
movement of physical products.

Money and banking is all electronics.

Instruments of mass distraction: phones, games, internet, TV idiot box, … run on electricity.

Toxic houses, furniture, clothes, cosmetics, cars, poisons, glyphosate, GMO, drugs from China, Mexico, illegals need diesel, ships, trains, trucks, cars to get here.

Learn to walk again, farm again, grow your own food.

Shut down all ports, TV stations, phone towers,…

Ban import or export of coal, oil, or energy related products.
Become self sufficient. 

Get rid of cars and trucks and planes.
Mandatory horses, mules, trains. ...

Turn off electricity and internet at night.
Require everything to run on solar power, wind power, made in America equipment.
Learn to read and write again.
Use sun light.

This was actually done 100 years ago most of the population.

Amish still reproduce like rabbits without electricity or fossil fuels grow their own food horse and buggy.
Taking over farm areas, thousands a few miles from where I sit now.
They are healthy and sociable but some are overweight 
proof that you can grow too much food at home.

Not rocket science.
Can be done now.

Flight shaming, or laws, or worse.

Arrest anybody caught driving a car or with a cell phone or computer and emigrate them back to their homeland.

etc. etc.

From: Ron


You are right.
Interesting article.

The ACLU whom I often disagree with is correct in this instance to be concerned.

Want to know the two situations the robot was used outside of training?

My concern like the ACLU is use of the robot as deadly force.

Traditionally law enforcement like military were poorly paid and took bodily risks.

This was inherent in the job and required a special individual.

Recall the 1950s detectives armed only with their .38 snub nose revolvers serving their own search warrants.

Increasingly the goal of law enforcement is not "serve and protect" but "officer safety.

"Law enforcement taking a siege mentality against citizens. 

No doubt exacerbated by the fact that most law enforcement are Masonic brothers and also have powerful bargaining organizations.

Increasingly laws and legal protections are breaking down.

Would not want a future scenario where law enforcement like military operators directing drones are ensconced in a fortified remote location directing a robot to take them out. 


Greg wrote:

On the plus side … these dogs don't poop on your lawn …


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