Saturday, November 23, 2019

Free Speech Professor Indiana University

Midwest has some common sense,
a sense of tradition,
and law abiding persons in positions of authority.

Professors have freedom of speech and can keep their jobs.

Eric Rasmusen,
a 60-year-old business and economics professor at
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University

"The whole idea of affirmative action is that too few black students (would) get in without racial preferences,
so we need to lower the standard for them
and accept that they will do worse academically,"
he writes in the rebuttal.

He also says that his use of the word "slut," which was in a tweet about former FBI lawyer Lisa Page
who was accused of bias against President Donald Trump,
was "perhaps hyperbole"
and opines for a few paragraphs on whether or not the word is an insult.

"Is 'slut' a slur against women? Not at all," he said.
"It is a slur against certain women,
against a minority of women,
and for them it is a justified slur,
a descriptive one.
"A women who sleeps with 100 men in a year is a slut.
Whether her sleeping with 100 men is moral or immoral is a question of one's standards."

As to whether or not he thinks women belong in the workplace or academia
— the subject of the tweet that caused the outrage —
Rasmusen said he did not object when his wife taught at Eastern Illinois University for a year, before becoming a "housewife,"
and would not object if his daughter became a professor.
"Academia is a vocation more compatible with motherhood than most jobs," he wrote.

What IU is doing

Rasmusen is currently teaching one course and had 20 students enrolled at the start of the semester,

While the university does not plan to fire Rasmusen,
officials have said they will
"ensure that students will not be harmed by the biases that could underlie the judgment of this professor."

The university will be conducting a review of Rasmusen's courses,
looking for the influence of bias and will allow any students who wish to do so to transfer out of his courses.
The university is also instituting double-blind grading,
where assignments are submitted anonymously to him.

Indiana U. says can't fire professor over his 'racist, sexist, and homophobic' views

The university provost said she condemns "in the strongest terms,
Professor Rasmusen's views on race, gender, and sexuality,"
but that is not a reason to violate the Constitution.

An Indiana University professor blasted by his employer for "sexist, racist, and homophobic" views
penned a lengthy response to detractors,
reiterating his notions that gay men should not be K-12 teachers
and that women could indeed be "sluts."

Eric Rasmusen, a 60-year-old business and economics professor at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business,

created a web page to respond to what he called
"the 2019 kerfuffle in which the Woke crowd discovered"
his social media posts and other comments.

He also responds directly to the university's executive vice president and provost, Lauren Robel,
who earlier this week slammed his views
while also saying they constitute free speech protected by the First Amendment.

"Professor Eric Rasmusen has, for many years, used his private social media accounts to disseminate his racist, sexist, and homophobic views,"

Robel said in her statement.
"I condemn, in the strongest terms, Professor Rasmusen's views on race, gender, and sexuality,
and I think others should condemn them."

But she said that "is not a reason for Indiana University to violate the Constitution of the United States."

Kelley School of Business Dean Idie Kesner also posted an open letter to students and staff,
criticizing Rasmusen but defending the school's stance:
"While many have called for the professor's dismissal,
there are legal reasons why the University cannot dismiss him over his postings.

Like all of us, Professor Rasmusen has First Amendment rights."

Rasmusen in his response, said,
"These insults no longer have much meaning."

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