Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fake Impeach narratives, fiction... Bankers for Trump 2020

Democrats de-railed
crazy impeach strategy
proof Pelosi has dementia
Complete waste of time listen to diplomat gossip with no first hand knowledge.
Idiot swamp creatures should all be fired.
Drain the swamp; prevent gossip.
Reduce the deficit with much fewer bureaucrats.
Turn off TV biased fake news liberal news media.
Shut down all TV phone towers to fight carbon climate change.

Impeachment last blast to try to stop Trump 2020.
Stock market booming.
Unemployment very low.
Would be better but for Democrat deep state obstruction.

Trump is proven friendly for the rich 1%
cut taxes,
return cash to USA.

Globalist bankers, Rothschilds, etc.
forced to support Trump in fear of left wing communists tax the rich Warren Sanders, etc.

Jews must support Trump because many extreme left wing politicians do not support Israel (since 1973 I have watched that).
Many USA muslims openly hostile to Israel.
Read books on how Jews are attacked by Muslims at Ivy league colleges, etc.

Populists must reject communists.
Communists are proven murderers thugs antifa for 100 years.

Populists favor the people, not communist dictators who exploit and impoverish the people and murder them Hong Kong Tianamen square…

Bankers Rothschild will lose money if sheeple are too fleeced to have enough money to use banks (cuba).

Also communist dictator may decide Rothschild Epstein Weinstein should be dead and their funds confiscated for other purposes.
Many big powerful blocs oppose the extreme left wing.

Trump orchestrating impeachment news to firm up his base and expand his base.

Democrats throw Biden under the bus to get rid of him
Biden Alzheimers liability.
Biden corrupt front runner looks bad.
2 Bidens in jail soon?
Rampant corruption overseas with USA funds,
your tax money in action.

Trial in senate is what Trump wants.
Trump can legally force discovery on his enemies.
Find out what has been going on in Ukraine and other corrupt countries.
Eliminate Biden and others that way.
Force out RINO republicans in name only Mitt Romney etc.
Other criminals who also may be guilty may get thrown in jail before the election.
Barr Durham investigation Steele dossier, etc.
May snare many.

Present voters with Trump versus extreme left wing candidate who will take away health insurance, medicare, increase taxes, open borders flood USA with illegals, Muslims, etc.
Hate squad of 4 and other extreme left wing in the news constantly, massive fear ads, exposing communists Muslim terrorists, maybe false flag mass murder.
May be a close election but Trump would probably win in a landslide, depending on how many votes get rigged.

You will never know all the conspiracies,
or who will fall, even after the fact, from news, tracking media, youtube, etc.

You will have to move to Washington DC and talk a lot to real people and make money in politics.
Or wait until they write books some decades later.

Many liberal ideologies are in conflict with each other.
Now being exposed.
And technologies in conflict with each other.
May collapse, stop working, fighting each other,…
Civil war.


From: Ron

Will finish watching the entirety in the AM.

Robert David Steele concurs with Willie regarding the middle level of banksters being taken out.

Steele believes a higher level including the

Rothschilds are ready to do business with Trump.

Have Progressive bent relatives in the Fresno area who are very concerned with dire events in DC.

They will be attending the speech by Robert Costa tomorrow to see how the fight is going.


Gregory wrote:

9.28.19 Dustin Nemos Interviews Jim Willie on Zombie Firms, Monetary Fallen Angels, and the... - YouTube


Jim Willie PhD of the and the Hat Trick Newsletter reiterates what I mentioned before :

lots of deep state banker operatives are neutralized.

Go to the one hour six minute mark of this long chat.

Some of his subscribers are US insiders and also world leaders.


Good analysis of the impeachment process but says no civil war

because Trumps core supporters are all Evangelicals and Mike Pence would be President?

Parochial analysis but more analysis than others dismissing the civil war scenario.

Noteworthy that pundits on the Left generally dismiss the civil war scenario without any analysis.

This same dismissiveness of deplorables and sociopolitical trends led to Hillary being defeated in her own rigged election.

The core problem for the Left both here and in Europe is assuming
by dispatching the populist leadership
the growing constituency is also neutered.

and the Austrian prime minister
are merely riding the Zeitgeist of a worldwide populist trend.

Empire is dissolving in the usual historical pattern
despite the increasing technology of empire and the efforts and pronouncements of the Globalists.


Democracy or a Representative Republic as we have is incompatible with the authoritarian goals of globalists.

Islam with Sharia law is the perfect tool.

Muslims are also an excellent occupying proxy force.

Much more militarized than passive "Eloi" Europeans.

US is an open question.


Lothar wrote:

Cheerleaders, nightclub pole dancers, any female garment with cleavage are all alleged to "objectify" females.

The feminists will not be satisfied until every Western woman is clothed in a burqa.

Women themselves are allowed no say in the matter.

The feminist position is that all women who object to the feminist agenda are women who have been brainwashed to serve as sex objects for men.

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

Noticed the head of the Climate Change organization addressed the UN as "fellow travellers."

Climate change is the vehicle for changing democracies to a world authoritative regime.

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