Friday, November 22, 2019

Failure Notice

Here as in Europe persons will rise up when they reach the point of not being able to feed their family.
Globalists are having a very difficult time with the US.
The Democratic platform were not promises they were threats to the American people of what they intend to do once totally in power.
The Left despises Americans because they have been so dumbed down. Like a herder kicking a cow to go through a gate.


On Fri, Nov 22, 2019, 2:48 AM Lothar wrote:

Well, I do my best to keep them "entertained" with what I hear from the alternative news, from this end. I can still write 'political incorrect things' they would go to jail for, if they would write it. 
They can read what we free spirited individuals rant, even stuff totally 'outside the box', but not allowed to respond to these issues.
Communications coming from them, are strictly non political ! They would go to prison if they agreed with me, on some issues ! 
(No freedom of opinion/mind...Meinungsfreiheit)
I'm amazed that the East Germans challenge the system, don't show fear, tease Merkel with right-wing slogans. East German police seems to be on their side.
Soon, when protesting, they will all wear masks [as in HongKong] to protect their identity from Gov. surveillance.
The German MSM is totally leftist controlled, and some of the educated will try to find some alternative info on the Internet [in a foreign language, mostly in English].
Looking thru the jungle of dis-information is difficult to find the truth, nobody has much time.
Most fail to properly understand the English language, thus fall for the propaganda watching CNN or BBC etc. 
Also I doubt that many of the YouTubes I send are fully understood. The language barrier is helping the Gov preventing any leakage of truth. (I'm a leaker)
Today during these impeachment hearings CNN, NBC were reporting the opposite what really happened. The sheeple fall for it !
This is the PROPAGANDA that the Germans hear and believe. The German news- anchors parrot the CNN reports to their audience. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS TRUMP BASHING ! (This leaked out of Germany to me)
Ron, are we more knowledgeable about juris-prudence what is REAL evidence not just hear say. 
People would convict an innocent person in Schiff's kangaroo court. 
My believe is, that the West-Germans "adopted" a soft form of marxism from the former DDR, [former East Germany] and were indoctrinated into this "Democratic-Socialism". (Bernie Sanders wants to sell us)
The East Germans feel deeply betrayed having suffered thru Fascism, then Communism, after "liberation" betrayed again, back to Communism. 
Dictation, serfdom again.
My friends know that my mail [from the USA] is very controversial because of my Trump support. They know that I'm not a fascist !
 Most Germans would unjustly stamp me a Nazi, and what I write interpret as hate speech or antisemitism, if I criticize some Jewish evil doers.
They have no concept of free speech, Freedom. Most think like all gun control, total submission to your Master [the Führer Gov.] 
Don't they ever learn ? It's getting easier for a Dictator/Tyrant to control the herd with all the digital technology. Every individual is soon under total surveillance.
They know if you jump out of line. 
People in Germany, right now, know exactly how far they can go without getting into trouble.
They know the rules to erase my mail [within ~ 25 seconds, I believe the law states] if it contains language that could be interpreted as hate speech, if I write about my opinion to close the border, build the wall, not to let any more illegals in etc.
That would be interpreted as 'hate of foreigners', or any sympathy for the Palestinians is antisemitism etc. 
Saying Islamic invasion or Marxist takeover, will get you into trouble.
The Left is good and the Right are extremist East-Germans, neo-nazis that have to be exterminated. The FEAR of just Nationalism, is indoctrinated into them.
The more the EU [Brussel] moves left, the more the countries move to the Right.
AfD in Germany and in France Le Pen is waiting.
I believe my friends in Europe are aware and go with the flow. They feel they can't do anything about it.
As long as it is peaceful, they're  happy and content. The prosperity has never been greater. Brexit might be a nightmare, EU unraveling they fear. 
It's all about a good economy and prosperity ! When an economic downturn comes, the welfare-state runs out of money quickly.
'Enslavement', obeying,....people have accepted !
Bird in a cage...contentment....[learned helplessness] dependent on the Master !

On Nov 21, 2019, at 16:28, Ron

Am also interested in Europe. Particularly Germany. We have a Bill of Rights.
What is the state of mind and growing trends with Germans? An awakening or not?


On Thu, Nov 21, 2019, 5:47 PM Lothar wrote:
You mean shit list ? LOL !
I'm old and have not much to lose. I'm all into the fight for our CONSTITUTION !
If we lose our Rights, our Freedom, then we did not succeed in waking up the majority in time !

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