Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fabian Society and George Soros and their machinations.

On 11/14 Glenn Beck produced a 1.5 hr. episode entitled Hydra showing the history and connections of the Fabian Society and George Soros and their machinations.

A few days ago Nancy Pelosi had an open mic where she admitted if Trump couldn't be impeached they would bring everything down.(paraphrase here.).

No limits.

Am about to listen to John Moore`s interview with former CIA Jeff Nyquist.


Of course these evil Democrats [domestic enemy] have been increasing the stress on our President, since day one.

They believe, sooner or later he will crack. President Trump has never been given a chance to really govern.

The enemy in the White House slowed, prevented him, to make America great again.

The strategy to surround himself with strong loyal men,
Generals early on, was sabotaged !

The Evil Deep State made sure, [strategy, no keep this president weak and alone,
split the Republicans also] they either bought-off these Generals,
[MIC] or smeared them into a scandal, to have them resign, or jailed.

All the good intentions by this President were sabotaged.

No friendship, good relations with Russia was forced on to him.

(otherwise peace could break out, troops would come home, military Industrial complex would shrink, money saved,
the president would go down in history as THE Greatest Peace President)

The Deep State, with their Democrat lackeys, want to punish this president for, to have taken the throne without their permission, and how dare not to obey the Master !

Is this making Trump to use the strategy of pleasing the Zionists in Israel, in order to 'split' the ruling Cabal/Mafia,
["buying support"] so he can survive all this stress in the WH ?

Pleasing the Globalist-Rulers on one side, so that they lessen the pain they inflict on the other side?

We are dealing with a well established, very powerful Mafia that ran Washington for decades, probably a Century.

I hope our president has a few surprises for the enemy left.

As X-22 Q EXPOSE and nail all these corrupt politicians !

Just some thoughts.

Ron wrote:
> Dave Hodges is also reporting Trump made an earlier unannounced stop at Walter Reed for chest pains.
> Ron
> EXCLUSIVE – President Trump makes unscheduled stop at military hospital to undergo battery of tests for

> possible deliberate poisoning of food with "time delayed" chemical agent; food tester gravely ill – White House connected source –


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