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diet. age 110 immune system, oysters, natto, fermented soy, fish,

I eat 2 meals per day or less.
Frequent fasting for decades when stress or travel.
Coffee for dinner sometimes.

Went on keto high fat diet 10 years ago with as much fat as possible.
About the same as the high protein diet that I used back in the 60s for weightlifting 
when I first felt my brain convert to running on fat.

A great improvement over the low fat diet I used for 30 years for marathon running.
My triglycerides were sky high and HDL very low
 I should have been dead 
but burned up excess carbos by exercise.

Now by keto my triglycerides are below my HDL that is very high and I feel much better.
Maybe the best blood lipids the doctors have ever seen.
Just by the keto diet.

I have been mostly vegetarian since a teenager on that fruit nut farm,
and have exercised hard - usually 6+ hours per day, every day, except high stress, travel days, lack of sleep.
Exercise burned up excess sugars and carbohydrates that would have killed me.

Go to the big college, take 1 class on cooking and 1 class on weight lifting every semester.
I walked by big freshman biology class first day of class and saw on board detailed sugar cancer biochemistry on the board as class was leaving.
Better than anything I have ever seen on TV or computer.
USA dying because they lack facts an 18 year old should know about biology.

Eat in the cafeteria where they always have big piles of vegetables for health fanatics.
They cook for you in large batches cheap and easy, save you time for exercise, study.
Phoenix has a huge college and good medical.

My breakfast is light - never hungry but need hydration.
Green tea with milk and roasted sesame seeds for immune system neurological
A few peanuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews, filberts, sunflower seeds.
1 sardine for omega 3 oil
1 oyster for zinc immune system everybody deficient
1 t natto for vitamin K and probiotics.
1 T avocado occasionally.
1 boiled egg occasionally should get more.
1 raw carrot if time
1 raw apple if time
1/4 stick butter occasionally but cheese is better, more protein helps long workouts.
Usually have to get out the door to school or gym as fast as possible so skip most of my list.

Never lunch.
Walk 10+ miles per day while reading, listening to radio, watching 2 TVs and thinking about math.
Libraries, Classes….
Ketogenic diet you burn your own fat as the body is set up to do.
Fat is a huge organ pumps energy into blood as needed thru the day.
If you feel hungry you are doing something wrong.

Dinner is boiled vegetables, lentils, beans, brown rice, steel cut oats,
Spices especially turmeric.
Collards, Cabbage, Broccoli, Bok Choy, my favorite greens.
Peppers Hatch New Mexico 
Raw garlic chop on top
Yogurt plain unsweetened "two good" best brand low lactose
Add butter, sour cream, palm oil, coconut oil, avocado, to boost fat.
Fat helps absorb vitamins and minerals and protect gut lining and slows down absorption of dangerous carbohydrates to a speed metabolism can handle.

Occasionally wild caught sardines, tuna, salmon, for protein but beware of toxic mercury overdose.
Smaller fish have less mercury - Tuna too large.
Canned fish only as most frozen fresh is farmed and/or counterfeit expensive.
Canned protects their brands if it is a good brand.
Sardines small cheap so better low mercury.
Check label avoid Communist China.

Vegetables should be cooked or peeled to avoid e coli etc. (Chinese cook all their food)

Never beef, pork, chicken, meats,… most is GMO hormone toxins...

Juice lacks fiber needed for immune system.
Modern people get sick mostly because of lack of fiber.
Massive amounts of fiber are needed for immune system, gut microbiome, prevent auto-immune disease, etc. 
Fiber is also very cheap, in all green vegetables, carrots, radish, anything hard to chew. 
Takes time to eat.
Cheap but grow your own to avoid pesticides.  

Carbohydrates and sugars may be ok after long exercise because muscles are depleted of glycogen and can grab all the fructose and sugars out of the blood before they attack your tissues.
Aging is caused by cross linking of proteins by Carbohydrates.
Sugars cause aging 7 times faster than Carbohydrates.
Alcohol is a sugar slightly processed by yeast to be psycho-toxic.

Fructose is fertilizer for cancer cells as discovered by Nobel prize in Germany 1924.
Prevent or cure cancer by complete elimination of Fructose.
Sugar is half fructose, corn syrup is worse, 16 words for sugars, more for flours. 
Sugars are very cheap, dumped into all processed foods that idiots eat / drink every meal nowadays.
Why cancer was rare 100 years ago but now almost #1 killer.
Genes have not changed in 100 years.
It is all bad diet and driving cars instead of walking.

My low fat diet completely eliminated hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine, etc.
My high protein diet before that also eliminate all oil additives. 

I converted to mostly saccharine instead of sugar in elementary school got nausea from all the sweets parents ate.
Then by age 18 was off all artificial sweeteners and colorings, etc.
I Dislike Sweets, Salt, sour, bitter, cheap additives,…
I can often taste chemicals and they are hard to avoid.
Plain natural organic food tastes better.

I have not been very sick since 2nd grade or miss class or work or military or even late to class due to illness.

I would move to Phoenix except it is too hot and too big.
Big cities have too much traffic that causes air pollution.
Smog is a huge danger.
Heat combines with smoke and chemicals to make it even worse.
I think it is ozone that I have trouble with.
The UofAZ university is huge and good enough, 
and Mayo clinic is good, 
mild winters but no beach.
Flagstaff is too cold.
Prescott has big VA and maybe the best air and weather in AZ but not much else.
Tucson may be better - no so big, but has a big university and the main medical college.
Oregon has cold, wet, mold.
You can buy machines to control temperature and humidity somewhat but then trapped indoors.
Honolulu is the best year round why people live longer there.
Keep windows open fresh air year round.
Indoor pollution may be worse than outdoor pollution.

I have been trying to avoid driving since age 16.
Or at least minimize.  
Hard to do, most cities poorly designed, spread out.  
Driving is addicting, catastrophic for health, destroys IQ.
Stressful and a complete waste of time.
Like TV and phones driving around flashes lights into the eyes causing stimulation and spurts of dopamine in the brain causing addiction and destruction of neurons.


Good info.

Can you tell me what you eat for meals?  
Do you do the same thing for breakfast every day.  
I often do green juice every morning early and work in kefir or yogurt  closer to bedtime.
I struggle with variety.  
I use to do broccoli for greens but juice is easier.  
I need to keep greens the same for my INR due to my blood thinner medication. 
I was doing oatmeal and Apple syrup for breakfast.  
An apple with almond butter or almonds. 
Pretty bored with cooking! 
Not a huge meat eater.  
Love sweet potatoes and yams and squashes and zucchini with some cheese sometime.  
Love spit pea and vegetable soup and chili. 
My weaknesses are I like cornbread and cracker with them. 
Can't do soy at all without a headache.  
Pretty good about few sweets. 
I'm just bored with mealtimes.  
I do eat nuts and nutbutter on toast sometimes for a meal or guacamole or avocado or minus on toast or with a few chips. 
I don't do tons of fruit like I use too as too much fructose seems to make me sick.  
Hate not being able to devour my melons in the summer as before! 

Anyway, hope you are doing well and I hope you have a terrific Birthday! 
You have your health 
So that's a real plus. 

 Arizona is helping my lung disease remain stable like Nevada.  
I am as far east of Phoenix and civilization as I can get and still have medical and shopping nestled under the Superstion mountains with very little traffic.  
I am in Gold Canyon but soon moving to Apache Junction a few miles north.  
My huge slider frames the beautiful mountains.  
Many hiking trails are nearby.  
I have a great guest room so come through on your way to see Vicky if you can get away. 
I realize trips are getting harder and garder as we age. 
I hate freeways and crazy drivers but  
I won't have to drive or walk but up to a mile or 2 for everything I need including multiple churches and grocery stores and a huge farmers market with fresh produce. 
I chose this location carefully.  
Way too many impaired drivers. 
I an moving to a senior park with great gym and activities. 
But mainly I like the guard gated security and safe place to bike and walk.  
It has a golf course but I have only played a few times in my entire life. 
Tons of tennis players also there but come April most go back east or to Canada til November.  
The park will only be at about 10% so quite nice for me!! 
Hot though but early mornings are goid!

Less flu in Hawaii, Florida, Texas,… warm humidity dissolves viruses, eliminates many viral diseases that can become something worse.

Flu, colds, pneumonia are big danger to elderly.
Immune system important for survival.
Must be balanced, not too weak or too strong.
Weak immune system allows germs to cause diseases, cancer to flourish,….
Too active causes autoimmune disease, inflammation,….

Diet is very important, probiotics feed the gut microbiome, big part of the immune system.
Eat fermented foods, probiotics, "live cultures" the foundation of the immune system.
Yogurt important fermented food readily available, I have used yogurt since 1967
Too Good brand is 2% lactose. 
Oikos triple zero is 0% lactose.
Plain Dannon is #1 world seller my most common.
Avoid additives of any sort in yogurt often poisoned with sugar, colors, chemicals from Communist China.
Plain the best.

Zinc is very important for immune system.
Zinc deficiency is common.
Oysters by far the best source of zinc.
Move to Texas or Florida and harvest fresh yourself or buy from store.
Walmart Polar Brand yellow can is from Korea, our ally and dependent.
Avoid any brand from Communist China.

Brazil nuts another good source of zinc.
Buy in shell raw, crack it yourself guaranteed fresh no additives.
You cannot eat too many nuts in the shell.
Nuts are very healthy.

Natto a very healthy fermented soy food, find in Asian Grocery stores refrigerated "live" why Japanese the longest life people in the world.
Builds immune system and is the best source of Vitamin K by far.
Vitamin K takes calcium out of arteries where it is unhealthy
and deposits calcium in the bones where it is needed to prevent fractures.
Very important for older people.
Tastes strange but can get used to natto, stringy, bland but very healthy.

Protect vision:
Add pumpkin to hot coffee, and cinnamon, ginger, other spices.
Helps cut acid and improves taste.
Bright yellow pumpkin is important for eye health.

Eat 1 raw carrot with each meal for eye health.
Slice and add bright yellow French's mustard.
Can wrap in a slice of toast with mayonnaise.
Bright yellow and dark green good for eye health, and berries.

Fish oil important to neurological health and anti-inflammatory.
Canned fish the best source of fish oil, not from Communist China.
I insist on North America or Europe.

Put sesame seeds in hot coffee, let them soften and chew carefully.
Sesame oil goes with fish oil for neurological health and anti-inflammatory properties.

Learn to make real sauerkraut at home.
Another source of live cultures for immune system.

Also kefir milk you can brew at home maybe easier than sauerkraut.
Or buy in store.
But I prefer yogurt, more popular, common.

Immune system very important as flu season approaches.
Lots of hacking, coughs around here already.

The secret to living past 110 may be an increase in killer cells in the bloodstream.

New research finds that "supercentenarians," or people who make it to 110 years of age or older,

have higher-than-typical concentrations of a particularly rare type of T helper cell in their blood.

These immune cells might protect the oldest of the old against viruses and tumors,
leaving them in remarkably fine health throughout their long life spans.

"The key will be to understand what is [the cells'] their natural target,
which may help to reveal what is needed for a healthy, long life,"
study co-authors Kosuke Hashimoto, Nobuyoshi Hirose and Piero Carninci wrote in a joint email to Live Science.

Related: 11 Surprising Facts About the Immune System

Secrets of supercentenarians

Carninci and Hashimoto are both researchers at the Riken Center for Integrative Medical Sciences in Japan,
while Hirose is a scientist at the Centre for Supercentenarian Medical Research of the Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

They and their colleagues wanted to analyze the immune cells of supercentenarians because it had never been done before.

People who live past 110 are rare even in Japan,
where longevity is common and life expectancy reached over 81 years for men and over 87 years for women in 2018, according to government statistics.

Japan's 2015 census found that there were 61,763 people 100 years old or older living in the country that year, but only 146 who were 110 or older.

The researchers isolated immune cells from the blood of seven supercentenarians and five control participants, ranging in age from their 50s to their 80s.

The scientists then used an advanced method called single-cell transcriptomics to find out what each of the immune cells was doing — individually.

This method measures the messenger RNA produced by the hundreds of thousands of genes within a cell.

Messenger RNA is the go-between that translates the genetic instructions of DNA to the nucleus of the cell,
which uses those instructions to build proteins.

By essentially reading the messages of the messenger RNA,
researchers can determine the activities of each cell,
effectively identifying it and its function.

Immune protection

The samples netted more than
41,000 immune cells from the seven supercentenarians and nearly
20,000 more from the younger control subjects.

a large proportion of the supercentenarians' immune cells were from a subset called

CD4 CTLs, a kind of T helper cell that can directly attack and kill other cells.

"This is surprising, because they are generally a rare cell type,"

The broad group of CD4 cells, or T helper cells, are generally not fighters.

These cells are more like commanders,
telling other immune cells what to do by releasing inflammatory chemicals called cytokines.

But CD4 CTLs are cytotoxic,
meaning they're capable of actually attacking and destroying invaders themselves.

Usually just a few percent of all T helper cells are cytotoxic;
the younger people in the new study showed an average of just 2.8%.

in the supercentenarians, about 25% of all helper Ts consisted of this deadly version,

Cytotoxic T cells have been shown to attack tumor cells and protect against viruses in mice,

"One may expect to find some cancer antigens or some virus protein

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