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Desperate Democrats Fake Impeach No News The Deep State Out in the Open Calls for a Military Coup Against Trump - LewRockwell

Rehash impeach bullshit hide Biden Corruption.
Coverup Clinton Corruption.
Trying to buy the election with money stolen from tax payers.

Cancel all foreign aid.
Stop all shipments of arms.

close the UN
close the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA
fire all swamp creatures.

Democrats seek Bloomberg as savior.
Another worthless billionaire.

Democrats have no ideas.

From: Ron

We are already see the Taibbi vision occurring on the Left.

The Progressive California administration now routinely ignore Federal immigration law and the Bill of Rights.

This began with administrative workarounds.After the Heller 2010 decision affirming the right to own firearms the DC progressive police chief stalled background checks on permit applicants.

Chicago did the same and tightened zoning restrictions to disallow gun stores.

The last gunstore in SF open since the 1950s and minority owned by Asians closed a few years ago citing inability to meet new zoning restrictions.

As mentioned in an earlier post California routinely enacts Administrative law to sidestep Fed.Court decisions regarding guns.

Proposed administrative law is characterized as exigent or emergency in an attempt to sidestep public hearing periods.

The Calif.DOJ published few position papers on gunlaws. Position papers such as what is an acceptable alternative to a bullet button are designed to guide gun owners on compliance to avoid prosecution.

I believe based on public statements made by Calif.Admin. officials this is due to allow law enforcement to simply arrest for certain gun possession.

This is already happening in some counties The guns are seized.

No charges are filed because there was no law violation.

Owners do not resist because of the cost of retaining counsel.

Trump has appointed approx.186 Federal judges at all levels.

Trump maintains a weak control of the USSC with Robert's who is vulnerable to blackmail over some aspect of his life.

The Left was moving to pack the USSC with additional members as Roosevelt did.

I believe all these efforts are on hold while the Left attempts to oust Trump at the center of the web.

Notice no coup conspiritors such as Comey or Hillary are prosecuted.Prosecution is declined because there supposedly is no "intent."Intent is not an element of any of these Fed. crimes.

As stated before if the impeachment effort stalls expect Antifa and other Progressive shock troops to hit Washington DC and elsewhere physically attacking senators and their families.

A physical takeover of DC is a real possibility.

Antifa and other embedded cells in the US are currently undergoing weapons training.

UN "Peacekeepers"have already been in the US for some time.Reports from truck drivers and others go back at least to 2009.

I think it is increasingly important to focus on everything around us and not be mesmerized by the political machinations in DC. on TV.

There are fires and planned power outages in Calif. for the next ten years.

Are the growing fires natural or coincidental?

Fires also justify Federal disaster relief money and could be used to justify government overreach because of climate change."

UN advisors are training a newly formed Mexican

National Guard at the border.Mexico already has a long standing National Guard.

Police Chief in Portland says she cannot (will not?) contain Antifa.

She calls for an outside force despite availability of adjacent departments and the State Guard.

In 2017 the Cook County Commisioner called for UN troops in Chicago.

Marine reservists and some retirees were activated about ten days ago for service domestically "to assist civilian authorities"

At the time there were no natural disasters.I confirmed this at website and by contacting a friend who is in the marine reserves.

All activities taken as a whole point to martial law in the US.I do not think we get to a 2020 election with Trump.

Just my thoughts,

On Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 11:21 AM Lothar wrote:

Indeed, we ARE living through an attempted "coup" against the president and his agenda, that we are watching an hysterical effort to negate and undo the results of the 2016 election by any means.

The Deep State Out in the Open Calls for a Military Coup against Trump
By Boyd D. Cathey
My Corner
October 26, 2019

This past Christmas at a social gathering of some former high school classmates I had a brief conversation with an old friend, a liberal—I still have one liberal friend, but he's about the only one left. Aware of my positions on issues, and, yes, having actually read a few of the columns and essays I've written over the years, my friend—let's call him Dave—enjoys needling me as a "conspiracy theorist." And at that event he was at it again.

I don't mind his banter, and, in a jocular fashion, I hand it right back at him.

This past Christmas Dave was all exercised about some of my pieces on "the Deep State," and insisted that such discussion was nothing more than "right-wing talking points," "conspiratorial exaggerations about legitimate government," and, basically, much ado about nothing.

The Deep State he explained, did not really exist—rather, I was "making it all up," and that my criticism was actually misdirected at noble professionals who had dedicated their lives and careers to what he termed "the betterment of all Americans."

How dare I attack those hard-working men and women who actually "made this country work!" [I am quoting his words, as I distinctly remember them.]

I don't think my conversation that isolated in today's America. But I also believe that the more zealous and frenzied the opposition to President Trump becomes, the more the reality of the Deep State has also become.

As I have written previously, the election of the "great disruptor" has forced the administrative and managerial elites, fearful of losing their power and influence, increasingly out of the closet into the open.

Indeed, Donald Trump, with all his bluster and unorthodox (according to Washington DC) manner of doing and saying things, has torn the mask off, at least partially, of the permanent, largely faceless bureaucratic class that has for so long dominated this country…and our lives.

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