Tuesday, November 5, 2019

DEEP EVIL 1% Elite Joy Behar: Don't tell Americans before you take their guns

Quit wasting USA taxpayer money on the UN United Nations.
Drop out.
Move UN HQ to Gaza,
out of the USA.

Elizabeth Warren fake Pocohontas
medicare for all plan does not tax Rothschild globalist financier
who complains he needs more USA $ as his world reserve currency.
USA taxpayers funding their own destruction by globalists using made in the USA currency!
1492 holocaust continues.

40 years ago Asia was a 3rd world slum.
Where did they get financing and USA invented technologies for now crazy rich Asians?

Why Ukraine? Location of most corruption?
How do drugs get from Afghanistan to heartland USA?
Vindman military planes?
How does the money get laundered?
Ukraine families?
Why they got kicked out decades ago refugees to USA?
Charles Schumer? ukraine wikipedia
Too coincidental, USA does not need Ukraine.

Go to FBI website and notice most of their news - prosecutions are for pornography!
Taxpayers paying perverts to watch porn? What a joke.

CIA NSA lets Hillary Clinton use private email server for years then cannot find those emails?
They want me to believe CIA NSA was not involved?

Get rid of UN NSA FBI CIA IRS Fed, etc.

Tax imports and exports only the way it was before income tax was legalized by constitutional amendment.
Tax foreign travel.
Tax foreigners using USA dollars.

Do not tax income or sales in the USA.
Ban import or export of any energy related products.
If Rothschild needs gasoline then let him go beg Russia or Arabia.

Recall all USA troops, ships, planes...
Put them on the Mexico border, Canada border etc.
Build a wall.
Arrest all illegals.
Return invaders to their homeland.
Stop the holocaust now!

The problem with all such big government socialism schemes is that they require funding by the very sheeple that they are trying to exploit by those schemes.

If sheeple wake up to their exploitation then the big government schemes will be deprived of funding and collapse.

USA founded by armed natives who defeated the army of the king of England.
Interbred with natives and learned better tactics and how to use the natural environment better than Europeans.
Now parasite influx dilute what was learned and accomplished to where life support systems are dying off.

Degenerating into a Civil war free-for-all in which Emperor of Communist China gets what remains to make:
Organ transplant farms;
Human trafficking, prostitute farms;
Soy, Corn, Wheat, Fruits, Nuts,…. plantations;
oil, gold, gas, rare earths,… natural resource exploitations,….


Who is "they."

Ever notice Progressives are always counting on someone else to do their bidding.

Around the nation many law enforcement heads have already refused to enforce Red Flag laws including the San Antonio Police Chief.

The Left is hinting it will be the UN.

Reports from around the country since at least 2009 of UN marked vehicles..

Very recent report of a train with UN marked vehicles extending for a mile.

Increasing number of Leftist politicians have called for the UN to take over the border.

In 2017 the Progressive Cook County Commissioner called for UN deployment in Chicago.

Progressive Portland Police Chief stated they needed an "outside force".

In 2018 Gavin Newsome stated his vision of California as a UN protectorate in response to Trump.


On Tue, wrote:


Joy Behar: Don't tell Americans before you take their guns

When seconds count the cops are just minutes away !

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