Wednesday, November 27, 2019

California multiculturalism multisexualism Judge tells Donald Trump he's not a king

Dear Professor Kaufman,

For decades I watched deep state universities, colleges, schools,...
forced into becoming left wing propaganda centers.
I could see this underway by 1967 or by reading even before the free speech movement in Berkeley 1960s radicals.

Electronic media are mostly disinformation indoctrination:
TV Radio Phones Computers Games….
Ignite a civil war by multiculturalism and multi-sexual-ism.
Gelded neutered white trash cannot reproduce.
Importing vast numbers of Negroes, Latinoes, Muslims, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and other Asians.
Ensures continued immigration migrants refugees will replenish the combatants.

Tribalism will ensure tribes will fight each other.
Multi sexual Gender hostilities.

Allowing elites to take over the government.
Where they will rule the divided minorities.
Jail incarceration nation for patriots.

Transformation into a communist dictatorship?
Problem is dictatorships are dysfunctional.
This scheme may not work.
The underlings may turn on the overlords.
Utilities may fail to work.
Food not delivered.
Starving masses riot, civil war, 
Hard to predict who will be the winner.

The emperor of Communist China probably behind this scheme.
He may take over and eliminate the temporary dictators and install his own government in California and USA.
Concentration camps for counter-revolutionaries.

Watch Hong Kong carefully, then Taiwan.
He may be able to control California easier than parts of China.

Many areas of USA are vulnerable,
highly dependent on food and supplies from other states and overseas.

The Midwest farmlands produce most of the calories needed in USA, Europe, and much of China and the rest of the world.
The Great Lakes are the largest water source.
Without food and water the combatants will die off.

Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota mostly white people with food and water so may survive.
California probably a lost cause.

From: Ron

Thank you for your daily articles and warnings.

Many Americans are unreachable.

They watch state run media like CNN and stay in their comfort zone.

When the guns are turned in the "fun" will begin as Hillary has said.

Is Trump taking any of your Bill of Rights ? 

The answer is no.

Look at actions not lies.

I knew what was coming and moved out of California at a cost of several thousand dollars. 

Progressives are planning on turning the US into California 

and California into Communist China.

pay attention to the SOURCE ! 

CNN - Communist News Network...Socialist Propaganda Station  (FAKE News)


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