Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Breathing Tax ?....Saving the planet hoax....Democrats/Socialists are crazy

All true.

From: Ron

All true.

The reins are being tightened as Western economies are collapsing.

The threat to Europe will come from invasions from the East and North Africa.

Pacifist Europeans will not respond.

Have watched extensive videos of European police standing down to muslims.

Fighting continues in the Donbass region of Ukraine but is not covered on the media.

Soviet era weapons will find their way into Western Europe.

Unelected EU bureaucrats only concern are pensions.

Negative interest rates will destroy EU government funding.

Social welfare state is collapsing

Europe first.

Eastern Europe will fare better.

Have a friend that vacationed in France every two years.Now goes to Eastern Europe.

Persons who lived under Communism learned never depend on government for your needs.


On Sun, Sep 29, 2019, 5:57 PM Lothar wrote:

Oxygen tax [O2].....and....Carbon tax [CO2]

TAX you when you INHALE.....and.....TAX you when you EXHALE

They get you coming and going AM....PM....on top of high gasoline taxes -

Family of 5.....Breathing tax....if one or more excercises X 8 for CO2 Tax ?

Secret underground exercise [to stay healthy "in both ways"] to evade taxes ?

(Can we still escape [without a civil war] the total enslavement 'surveillance monster-system' set up by the evil ruling 'shadow government,' the cabal ?)

The shadow government/

deep state, the

ruling 1% Globalist Elite [with their $Trillions] use their financial power to control the human race.

Silicon Valley [high tech] like google, apple, Facebook, media TV/Radio /Newspapers,

owned by the Bankster Elite are all in 'their pocket' to be used to enslave the societies for this NWO. (PNAC)
Countries in Europe are

~ 80% enslaved already,

disarmed under socialism,

dictated by the cabal from Brussels.

It is not that easy going for the globalists, because of Brexit

[British smelled the rat]

and others who are waking up to destroy the mafia's dream of [Weltherrschaft]

One World Government/Power, by them, the 1% Bankster Elite.

(D.Trump is no member, he's their enemy, he's trying to save our Republic, our Constitution from being destroyed)

(One Tyrant clique, with everyone else enslaved by a 'social credit score'

[cruel reward & punishment system] using a totalitarian modern face recognition, cashless society system, all transparent human beings, with absolutely no more privacy left.

The worst of modern exploitation/enslavement ! We need to keep our Constitution, thus our Rights, Freedom and Liberty ! Once disarmed, hope will fade to ever be liberated from the outside either. These evil

Banksters are trying to enslave the entire world. Money rules !

The Democrats are no longer the Democrats from yesteryears.

They are full blown socialists/communists !

They want us, to give up [SURRENDER] our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS/POWER and hand, ALL OF IT, over to the central Government, for our total CONTROL by them ! (a Dictator/Tyrant) !

As we know....absolute power corrupts absolutely !

Once disarmed, enslaved and under total surveillance, one has no hope ever to escape the tyranny.

The Cabal/
Mafia decides [once in total control] to decimate the human race down to 500Million [slaves],

that's what the 1% Bankster Elite,

cabal figured [Kissinger] would keep them happy.

See monument below....

We are still a free country, can't be forced…..

as long as president Trump is in office !

Europe to ban exercise to save climate ?

The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day.

(The exact quantity depends on your activity level—

a person engaged in vigorous exercise produces up to eight times as much CO2 as his sedentary brethr

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