Wednesday, November 13, 2019

70 degree temp drop, cancer Warren's Wealth Tax

TV Idiot box does not show ads for CD savings rates
but does show ads how you can buy cars, houses,… for low monthly payments,
title loans on your cars,
payday lending,
junk you do not need,
junk food, pills, drugs,…
Why they call it the idiot box.
Low IQ means spend not save.
Electronics addiction leads to debt addiction, excess consumption addiction, obesity,….
Under the traditional protestant work ethic spending is theft from god,
you are supposed to work as much as possible and spend as little as possible.
Hollywood, TV values are opposite.

Impeach is to distract from Biden Corruption.
Democrats want to cover up corruption Ukraine and around the world.
Biden Jr. looks like a crook, addict saw on TV he said he was in rehab dozens of times.
Biden Jr. not worth minimum wage, any "job" obvious bribery, corruption, for political favors to influence USA political decisions,…

Impeach causes gridlock.
Gridlock in Washington DC is a good thing!
Some idiots vote and constant fake news might get idiots to elect crook for president, thus stop Trump.

Impeachment drown out Epstein Weinstein #me2 movement that endangers democrat human trafficking rings, casting couches,. etc.
Illegal immigration needed to keep supply of prostitutes and slaves coming,
drugs flowing to dumb down sheeple opiates for the masses.

Rothschild will never be mentioned.
Sheeple kept in the dark by fake news.
Sheeple do not know accounting.
Hard to comprehend massive corruption by globalists overseas.
Bigger than massive corruption in USA covered up.

2020 election might focus attention on inequality and how billionaires are ripping off the poor idiots watching TV
while convincing those same idiots to vote the crooks into office.
Abe Lincoln said you cannot fool all the sheeple all of the time.
Trump woke some up from their stupor to inequities everywhere, getting ripped off, and ways to stop some of it.
But much more is needed.

My sister survived 6 weeks in hospital - cancer.
Now can go home and fight cancer by chemo.
But if she is back watching TV, Merlot red wine, standard American diet, SAD, the pills may not cure the disease.

1 reason why I thought to move back to San Diego, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona to keep track on my many relatives and friends out there.

Walked home on ice after 10 mile gym walk.
Could slip and fall and break bone.
Cold early season.
Not too bad yet.
As I get older I prefer the warmer climates.

Medicare for all is not a panacea
idiot Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders.
Medicare is a mess.
Medicare advantage is a disadvantage as indicated by so many ads on TV idiot box.
Locks you into a "network" of less competent professionals.

LA based Lana Del Rey the musical artist of the decade,
smart (unusual for a singer)
Jesuit college philosophy degree,
Reminds me my youth in southern california,
much time on the beach.
I bought an orange surf board in 1967.
Hard to believe she knows all that stuff in her music for such a young person.
Sounds alt / independent but she is major Hollywood,
throwback to Marilyn Monroe,
very beautiful and sexy keeps getting better.
Scenes very much remind me,
I remember,
But it seems she is not a real fan of LA,
irony in the lyrics,
but LA is where she is getting rich.
She is a rich Irish girl from New York City
accidental singer
after graduation from college decided why not be a rock star?

From: Ron

The American people are being farmed in every aspect.

Providing basic services gave way to the priority of maintaining systems.

Not limited to the medical field.

About twenty years ago media started reporting on what "consumers" (not "persons")
were doing for the "economy instead of their personal financial well being.

The term "economy"
defined as banks,
and tax recipients.

A single payer gov. healthcare system based on competetive bids by private providers as this article describes would be optimum.

Instead we get Obamacare which amounts to an intergenerational Ponzi scheme that penalizes the poor who cannot afford to participate.

Healthy young millenials opted not to participate.

USSC Justice Robert's admitted
Obamacare was passed as a tax because otherwise
Obamacare would have been unconstitutional as a unlawful taking without due pricess.

A violation of the 5th Amendment.

Insurance providers were actually guaranteed a level of profit regardless of expense
assuring the priority of their interests above policy holders.

The base "Bronze Plan" in Covered California consisted of the plan holder paying all medical expenses up to $ which point their expenses would be partially reimbursed.

Most working poor opted for the "Bronze Plan" because of premiums as low as $35.per mo.

Those who did not obtain Obamacare because they could not afford the premiums ended up paying IRS penalties WITH INTEREST because they had no savings.

The poor typically have no assets and would have been better to file medical bankruptcies.

The basic stated purpose of governments going back 5000 years is to provide domestic security for their populations.

Beginning in the early 1980s the stated goal of law enforcement agencies morphed from "Serve and Protect" to "officer safety."

This eventually resulted in a siege mentality against the population to be served.

Despite record tax revenues of $3.33 Trillion in 2018 not including state revenues the domestic infrastructure continues to crumble.

The taxpayer increasingly gets little or no value.

Despite an admitted Federal debt of $23 Trillion there is now an additional $23 Trillion missing over ten years from just five agencies
(Prof.Mark Skidmore; Univ of Mich.).

Is this money going into the Deep State or secret programs?

A globalist fund used against taxpayers themselves?

The current clash between so called populism and globalism is based on ignoring then despising and ridiculing populations.

In the US Trump is conducting a Chp.11 rehabilitation bankruptcy of the US.

The "Swamp"constitutes creditors whose claims are doubtful and more likely fraudulent.

They are currently contesting the entire BK proceeding and the authority of Trump presiding as the BK judge.


On Mon, Nov 11, 2019, 9:39 AM John J wrote:
Nothing but the grim truth here.


From: Ron
Subject: Warren's Wealth Tax | Armstrong Economics

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